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The Rossmann Group

The internet has made gathering information on local businesses much easier over the past few years. Social media helps cut through the crap of paid online advertising, commercials, and self-proclaimed excellence to get you the information you want – How does this business treat its customers? A shop can talk a big game on their website, but at the end of the day, social media tells you whether it’s true or whether it’s bunk. We welcome you to leave your own feedback, and to check ours. Like any retail store with 20-70 tickets per day, we get some loonies. What we stand by is a history and commitment to quality customer service and feel this is represented in our online reputation.

Many repair shops have found a way to cheat social media sources. They will offer a customer a direct discount if they leave a positive in store review, which creates a flurry of five star reviews of potentially three star businesses. We believe strongly against rewarding positive reviews with discounts, and take pride in earning each review. You’ll note our ratio of reviews to filtered reviews is quite low, as a result of not bribing customers to leave an in-store review. None of the reviews below were solicited by offering a customer a discount to leave a review, which we take great pride in! The only motivation these customers had was the service they received while here.

We’re so good Google gives our reviews away to graphics design firms & Chinese restaurants! To say our Google Places account had technical issues would be an understatement. Prior to these issues, 40+ 5 star Google Places reviews existed. In their absence, we hope you will trust word of mouth over the internet & Yelp! as proof of our reputation.

Our Google places page has a handful of reviews thanks to Google glitching and giving other companies our reviews as we changed addresses(how many Chinese restaurants offer laptop repair services?), but we’ve been getting positive feedback on screen repairs since 2008.

We point you to systems where anyone can leave a review, and we have no control over moderating it. This means anyone can leave a negative review at any time and we can’t delete it. Many repair companies will cherry pick feedback to post onto their websites because they are afraid of linking potential customers to websites that do not allow them to censor negative reviews. We don’t do this; If you can’t see the whole story, how can you feel as if you are making an informed decision? is one of the leading online stores for computer hardware, and they have over 300 1 star reviews from steaming angry customers. They understand that this will be offset by over 15,000 positive reviews, and we feel the same way. We prefer the Yelp, eBay, & Google Places method of providing customers with past feedback so you can see the whole story. We also like eBay for legitimacy of reviews; unlike websites where anyone can pay a few friends to write positive reviews, on eBay, one must purchase and pay for a service to leave feedback.

If you know thousands of people have had the opportunity to leave a scalding review and you see 1 or two, then you have a better idea that we’re legitimate. Anyone can get 1 or 2 good reviews written up and posted on their website while having dozens of bad reviews from independent sources, so don’t believe what you see on anyone’s website as gospel!

We do not cherry pick reviews and put them on the site next to a name that could be fake. Everything you see below is the truth, and can be found on reputable review websites. We retain substantial positive feedback on repair jobs refurbishing modern portable devices.

No machine sent in is ever used as a learning experience or an experiment. We have diverse professional technical experience to draw from outside of LCD swapouts, and utilize our skills to do excellent jobs.