Our Methods

Our Methods

You will benefit from saved time and headache choosing Rossmann over a less experienced, over-branded franchise service provider.

No outsourcing.

All services advertised are performed do on-site. From logic board repair to data recovery, we use our laminar flow clean rooms & our microscopes. Turnaround time is considerably faster on average when you factor in no outsourcing.

Experienced staff. 

The problem with over-generalized service centers that “fix it all” is in the inexperience. Technicians must often break a device on the journey to learning how to repair them. The technician will give themselves lots of time to learn how to work on your device, and lots time to order any parts that may break while he is working on it. This is time you could be spending with your repaired device had you brought it here first!

Further, many DIY instructional sites new technicians use to learn unnecessarily complicate the repair procedure, or tell users to replace parts they could reuse. Unnecessary steps complicate the repair and increase the expense of the job. We don’t replace top cases when we can replace a keyboard, nor do we replace a logic board when we can replace a circuit.

Exhaustive inventory.

Our parts are acquired from known vendors, not middlemen suppliers on eBay that don’t have it together. Having only one part on hand means if it is defective, your repair is set back a week while the repair shop orders a new part. This is a growing industry; many newcomers lack the experience required to understand the importance of inventory. Here your repair will never be delayed due to inventory issues.

We are strongly believe in proper supplier relations. If you notice our timeframes are often the best in the area, it’s because we have every part we need, right on site.