Our Pricing Philosophy

A moral approach to pricing sets us apart.

We don’t believe in milking customers based on what they’re “willing to pay.”

There’s nothing worse than the feeling that you’ve been charged $200 more than someone else for the same service because you “look rich.” I know how it goes – I spent 4 days working someplace where that was their bread and butter. Here, you are billed based on your problem; not your appearance or ignorance towards technology.

We believe fair pricing is key to sustainable, long-term business with you.

Our pricing is based on taking what we feel is fair. We work towards building an honest reputation – the kind where you’ll trust what we say, without having to shop around to feel like you’re not being ripped off. We believe this to be a sustainable business practice, and believe that sustainable businesses practices are key to building a happy client base and maintaining long term profit.

At the same time, we are not the cheapest shop around.

We stock the parts to perform repair services we offer, and we are highly specialized in our skillset. This allows us to provide higher quality parts with instant turnaround time. We are a licensed business that provides a warranty on our work. When we break something, and we know we’ve broken it – we take responsibility for it. We do charge a price that reflects the quality & the convenience we offer. There are cheaper alternatives to our services. Please do not mistake humble pricing with cheap labor. We do not aim to be the lowest priced service provider, nor do we apologize or hide our labor rates. We are excellent at what we do, we provide excellent service, and we price ourselves accordingly.