Direct communication & common sense.

Chains franchise bureaucracy. Rossmann franchises common sense.

Direct communication with intelligent people is important to avoid silly situations.

The Rossmann Group started as a one man business. One man businesses have the advantage of offering direct communication with the customer. Situations like the one pictured below happen everyday around the world at other repair shops.

We’ve maintained high standards so our employees can come up with solutions specific to your problems.

It’s hard to maintain personalized service as a business expands and takes on more tickets. It’s hard to avoid becoming the business in the aforementioned comic! So how did we?

We hit a fork in the road. We could create specific standards & rules so any low level employee can run the business, or keep our employment standards high and “franchise common sense.” The latter is much more difficult, but much more rewarding. When people who think are not discouraged from thinking, you never wind up with a $400 hinge.

Our staff isn’t following a manual and trying to pigeonhole your problem into one of its pages or services, or specific solutions when a problem arises.

I encourage the staff to use their brain to come up with custom solutions tailored to your timeframe, your budget, and your specific problem – and to follow through to make sure they understand what you need. Every employee here understands how our supply chain works & how our processes work, and is free to use every resource available here to help you with your problem.

We have done our best to standardize common sense – and you will notice the difference.

You won’t find people here going “this person has to approve of that, wait until he comes in to explain this to you.” You can deal with any of us – and get the same positive outcome. Our staff understand how to get the right information from you. As a result, they do the job right; the first time.

We’ve come a long way from the days of being a simple, single tech based business; but we haven’t forgotten the benefits that existed in that business model.