Yes, it is possible to retrieve photos from a broken phone!

To get photos off a broken phone, we must diagnose what the issue actually is. In order for us to recover photos from your dead phone, we must first diagnose what the problem is. We do this by a process of elimination by using our known good parts which we stock. A process of elimination helps us to find out if your parts are good or bad, and then they can be replaced where necessary. If your phone will work with a known good screen, charge port, and battery – then we grab the data using those parts. 

If we determine your parts are fine, then we move onto the board – where the photos are actually stored. We must find the problem as to why the board isn’t turning on, and then fix it on your board so it will turn on again to retrieve the photos. We can use our Macbook logic board micro-soldering & diagnostic skills in-order to rectify the issue on your iPhone logic board so that we can recover your photos! 

Rossmann Repair have been in this industry for years, and we have a dedicated data recovery team. You can even speak directly to the person recovering your data should you have any questions.


All dead phones will need to be thoroughly diagnosed to find the problem before we can quote a price to you. Whether it be a part problem, or a board problem, Rossmann Repair will be able to recover your photos in no time! Data recovery on these ranges from $300-$650 depending on how bad the problem is on your specific device, and you only pay if we can get the data! Feel free to come to our store, or send your device into us if outside NYC. You’re also welcome to call or email us if you have any questions. 

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

  • We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • We use grade A+ parts.
  • We can repair motherboard component level issues.

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