Retina Macbook Pro Repair – we’re ready for it!

The Retina Macbook Pro is not a simple machine to repair.

The Retina Macbook Pro is touted as being an unrepairable laptop. We don’t think it’s unrepairable, but it certainly is a pain in the ass! Today I’d like to go over a few common issues that repair shops will face when working on a Retina.

The latest Retina has no screwholes for a keyboard.

The keyboard is bolted into the machine, not screwed in or riveted in Compare this to past Macbook Pros where the keyboard is screwed in, and it’s a pain in the ass. Even the Macbook Air rivets the keyboard in, and these rivets can be replaced with screws. On the newer Retinas, the keyboard is bolted in with no real clear cut way to put it back in. and We stock the keyboards and know how to replace them.

The trackpad sits under a battery that is taped into the laptop, that explodes when punctured.

The trackpad sits under a battery that is adhered into the laptop. It is easy to puncture this battery while removing it from the laptop. When punctured, it can pop, expand, spark, or explode on you. 🙂 We stock the battery & the trackpads, so we can offer same-day service replacing your trackpad even in the unlikely event that your battery becomes damaged over the course of reaching the trackpad.

The LCD assembly is expensive and changes each year.

Don’t get us started on the LCD assembly, which is even more of a pain in the ass than the Macbook Air to refurbish! Not to mention that there are already four different assemblies for the retina which has been out for under two years. 🙁 We stock ever single one so we can offer same day service, no parts orders necessary.

The SSD is proprietary, and changes each year.

The proprietary SSD is costly & confusing. We can source them and even pull data off of failing ones, with several Retina data recoveries on our belt so far!

The Retina is a pain in the ass to repair – but we do it anyway!

I understand why many shops want nothing to do with them. However, it is a Mac, and we would have no business having Mac Laptop Repair Specialist written in our window if we didn’t work on them. It’s our job to deal with pains in the asses so you don’t have to. If you have a Retina and no one wants to help you with it, bring it to us. We’ll fix it; even if no one else wants to. 😉

Adhesives for sale.

There are no fewer holy wars in the repair community than in regards to adhesives.

Which is precisely why I am trolling and saying – this is the best. Use it for damn near everything.

We’ve never paid for sex, facebook likes, or reviews.

When checking businesses on Yelp!, look at the ratio of reviews to filtered reviews. If you see 50 reviews and 200 filtered, that’s sketchy. If you see 50 reviews and 10 filtered, it’s kosher.

One of the few things I will brag about in our favor is the genuine nature of our reputation. Knock on wood; five years in, we’ve never paid for a “like” or review. Fuck that noise.

Now offering PC Laptop Screen Repair in New York with flat rate pricing!

We can replace your PC laptop screen in minutes, for industry shocking low prices.

We’ve never turned these jobs down. We’ve also never advertised them, with flat rate pricing. Many shops in New York City charge from $200-$350 for jobs we perform from $100-$160. As the parts source, we are in a unique position to offer the lowest prices in the city. We also offer the fastest turnarund time as we stock every part for each of these repair services – no waiting. We offer:

Acer Laptop Screen Repair

ASUS Laptop Screen Repair

Dell Laptop Screen Repair

Fujitsu Laptop Screen Repair

HP Laptop Screen Repair

Lenovo Laptop Screen Repair

Sony Laptop Screen Repair

Toshiba Laptop Screen Repair

iPhone 4S & 4 screen repair, just $65 (plus tax).

Yes, we will fix your iPhone 4S or iPhone 4‘s cracked screen, often in 10-20 minutes, for $65. Choose any color you want from red to gold for an extra $15. Warranty is one year, unless you break it yourself, and the LCD inside the assembly is the same retina LCD Apple has Sharp, Toshiba, & LG make for them. The tech doing the work is payed an honest, livable wage in a legal manner. Take a look at our parts – they look really, really good. Our feedback is amazing. We are DCA licensed & insured and have done this over one thousand times. Point is, we’ll leave it to you to guess where we’re skimping. I’ll put it below in cleartext – select if you can’t guess.

Personal profit – it DID occur to you that we were skimping on what we took from your wallet and not on quality… right? Good. 😉

iPhone 4 Screen Repair in New York

We provide iPhone 4S LCD Screen Repair & iPhone 4 LCD Screen Repair for $90 + tax. A few things that set us apart are as follows.

  • We go through painstaking effort to retain your proximity sensor.
  • We use assemblies with the original Sharp & LG LCD.

Thicker LCDs require thinner adhesive be used between the digitizer(touchscreen) and the LCD(makes the picture). This means that the digitizer is closer to the LCD. As a result, it can touch the LCD and cause pressure points, which are the funny splurges of colors you see when you press down on an LCD screen.

  • Screws. Every last screw is kept. We are self proclaimed perfectionists that will replace any lost piece with one of our own.
  • 1 year warranty. Unless it physically breaks again, we welcome you to come back and have the part replaced at no charge.
  • Full testing. We test both cameras, speaker, earpiece, both microphones, and signal strength before & after repair to ensure we did a perfect job.
  • Visibility. Unless you are blatantly twitching at the seams with paranoia, you are welcome to watch the entire operation right next to the technician.

Come on in and see why so many choose to have their broken iPhones fixed here. If you’re cheap, you can actually get a coupon off of Yelp at the moment(limited time offer) that makes our service cheaper than Chinatown.