A how to – fixing the newer 13.3″ Macbook Air screen for A1369 & A1466 models.

A1181 Macbook no backlight logic board repair

Here we repair an A1181 Macbook with no backlight. It has a more difficult issue than usual – it’s not the motherboard, the inverter, or the inverter wire. It’s the motherboard. I will do my best to solder around a camera and tripod here so you can watch.


We offer logic board repair in our Manhattan workshop for those who do not want to mess with this.

Macbook Pro A1211 no backlight logic board fix

This computer had no backlight with the inverter, inverter cable, or screen replaced. I didn’t want to keep the customer hanging so I stole it off this dead board I have. The dead board in my junk collection is an unfixable piece of crap, but has a working backlight circuit when it turns on, for the five seconds it can stay on, so I don’t feel one bit guilty robbing an inductor for myself.


Properly close the latch on your Macbook pro.

If your pre-Unibody Macbook Pro won’t click closed, fix it using a set of heatsink springs & some ingenuity.





Unibody Macbook Pro keyboard repair service.

Here we are replacing the keyboard on an A1278 Unibody Macbook Pro. This video has no pausing, speedups, or special effects. You can watch the process we use to repair the liquid damaged laptop in real time, and even follow along on your own computer.

We clean the liquid damage off the board, clean the fan, remove residue from the keyboard holes in the casing, and clean the backlight layers. We go through points of difficulty and urge people to not make silly mistakes such as not trapping the trackpad cable underneath the keyboard, or not plugging the dc in board while putting the motherboard back in!

One thing we do is tell you when it’s just the keyboard. It would be very easy to milk another $250 out of someone when their laptop doesn’t turn on. If your only problem is  a keyboard, we’re one of the few places that will honestly tell you that.

If you want us to do it for you, we are happy to – click right here!