Analog high definition upgrade using existing wiring.

Gain high definition quality reusing your building’s old wiring.

Tired of “the blob” ?

So many customers complain of the blob. “I know that it was a male, maybe 5’9″, with a blue shirt…. same as the other 20,000 people who fit that description who walked by. It’s a blob. A blue blob.” 

The problem is that you can’t identify a blob in court. You can’t ask your friends, tenants, or police where they’ve seen this blob before. What you capture in your footage has to be a real person, a real item, or a real license plate – or else you’re just wasting electricity and hard drive space.

Unfortunately, your original security integrator recommended an analog camera system. Part of the problem is that analog video transmission has inherent flaws and limitations that limit you to “the blob.” The proper answer to this problem would be setting up a new system, and rewiring the structure to allow for a proper IP camera system, where you can transfer higher bandwidth video.

Rewiring a building can be expensive.

If your building’s wiring was already run either at the time of construction or a renovation, it was an easy job. The walls were already open, just place the conduit and the wire through.

If you want to run different wiring for a new camera system after the build, the costs can pile up very quickly. Running wire in the wall, which may not be possible, comes with hefty construction costs.

A more cost effective solution would be running wires where they are visible, on the wall or along the corners, but this still comes with the costs of running wires all over your building.

Did you know you can upgrade your camera system using your existing wiring?

The cheapest solution, would be to upgrade your system using the existing wiring. Many systems claim to provide high definition quality over existing, old runs of RG59 coaxial cable, but most fall short of these claims. Some are able to but only over very limited runs of cable. How do you know which are good and which aren’t?

If you notice that you need a higher quality system, but can’t afford the cost or inconvenience of rewiring your entire building, no worries! We can present you with a number of solutions that provide high quality images, faces and license plates that you can zoom in on, over your existing setup. We work directly with the companies manufacturing and providing these pieces of equipment; these have been time tested and proven to work over numerous installs.