Free on-site consultation!

We understand every install is different, so we don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We offer many different cameras, recorders, and installation procedures. We’ll break down the options that make the most sense based on your needs and budget, after a quick and painless walkthrough of the area we will be installing them in.

Options for every need and budget.

Many companies use the same old systems time ater time to keep life easy. We do not offer CSI level cameras for $35,000 or the same cheap eBay $400 system over and over. We’ve invested the time and money to do the research on many different brands and models of embedded NVR recorders, PC based NVR recorders, and IP cameras, so we can put together the best solution for your budget. Whether you have $1000 or $100,000 to spend, we will find a quality solution that works for you.

Initial on-site consultation is free.

We can visit when it is convenient to you, and our initial on-site consultation is free!

Best ways to be prepared.

Prior to our arrival, have an idea of the exact areas you want monitored. If there are particular events or items you are looking to capture on camera, have this information available to us so we can discuss the best system.

Also do keep in mind that systems will be recording to a network video recorder. A common problem in amateur installs is that the recorder is located near the cameras, where it is easily stolen. Have some ideas for places where we can securely store and lock away the system so that access is limited; the last thing you want are a set of criminals running out and taking the recorder with video of their faces with them!