Good will in sharing our knowledge.

For us, it doesn’t end with fixing your laptop.

Belief in business transparency. 

Many have pretty websites, but at the end of the day, can they actually do the work? I believe the best way to showcase we can do what we do best is to show you!

We give back. 

We perform jobs many other shops aren’t equipped to take on, such as logic board component level repair. Most companies that have the know-how to do these repairs guard this knowledge because it is very valuable. At Rossmann’s, we give it away.

We appreciate the community of people that have kept us in business all these years. After the work day’s done, our owner turns on the camera and takes the time to show you how to perform the more difficult jobs, and explains it thoroughly with no slowdowns or hyper editing. You can literally start your own component level electronics refurbishing business using these lessons and advice, and it is being given away for absolutely nothing!

Through youtube and the forum we’ve helped thousands of people fix their own devices that would otherwise have been thrown in the trash, and inspired many other repair shops to start taking on these higher level repairs for free. We love what we do and want to enjoy our success again by creating it for other aspiring repair technicians.