Hard drive failure.

Posted Thursday, September 27, 2018

Hard drives are terrible.

Hard drives are the worst part of a modern computer. It’s the only part that processes data with mechanical components to its operation. Like anything mechanical, it wears down and eventually dies.

Cheap OEMs don’t help.

The personal computer market is incredibly price competitive. Even with Apple – you will find pennies pinched on many areas of design. As a result, often, the cheapest possible drives are installed into machines, and these are not as robust as some of the higher end models. All drives are going to eventually die, but the lowest end drive might just fail sooner than a WD Black, on average.

You don’t have to be mean to your laptop to destroy its hard drive.

Usually, people come here because of an accident. You drop the machine and the screen cracks. You spill soda on the keyboard and it stops turning on. People understand the cause & effect, understandably so; the cause was clear, and often caused by you! 🙂

With hard drive failure, people are confused, because they are often not the cause.Their machine may have been sitting on a desk doing nothing for years on end, and one day dies. Or, it gets slower over time, until the point that it is unusable. This can happen without you doing anything, and I’m here to tell you – most of the time – it really isn’t your fault.

Sometimes, the bastard’ll die right after we fix something else on your computer.

Every now and then someone is unlucky enough that they spend on one repair to their laptop, and their hard drive dies a few months later. It may not be your fault that the drive died. At the same time, it also isn’t ours.

There are also a plethora of bad reviews out there for repair businesses where one job is done, and then the machine dies months later, and I feel this is a good time to shed some light on this. Hard drives are ticking time bombs that can die at any time, for any reason. Laptop hard drives are more likely to fail because a mechanical component is operating inside of a mobile device. This is a recipe for disaster, and while we feel bad when a drive dies shortly after an unrelated repair, it is often not covered under warranty. When we replace a screen, we warranty a screen. When we repair a motherboard, we warranty the motherboard – the hard drive is a separate and unrelated component.

There are ways you can minimize your expenditure here, and I’d like to discuss them today.

Keep your $$ in your wallet.

a) Limit movement of your laptop while it is on. Turn it off before you put it in your bag, so the drive is not spinning as you move the machine into its bag prior to it falling asleep. Don’t make sudden movements with it. A hard drive is a spinning mechanical component with a little arm grabbing data off of it. If this shakes or crashes, your data is gone.

b) Back up your data. We give discounts for repeat business on parts, but what people are often paying for is the recovery of their data. If you keep regular backups, you won’t have to pay us to recover data.

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