I used to love you, Gentoo.

Posted Thursday, September 27, 2018

One thought on “I used to love you, Gentoo.

  1. S. McWhorter says:

    Well once again I wish I had watched the you tube videos before making the purchase of a used iphone 7, Replaced the battery after watching several videos and walls phone works at 100% capacity, instead of 85%, nirvana had been achieved!!!!! For sevseral weeks no problems but it was not to be, enter iOS-12. 24 hrs after upgrading my battery won’t charge more that 44% after several attempts. I also noted that the phone indicated at one point 16% and 12% after indicating 44%. I’m going to continue testing but I’m afraid it’s been bricked and I need to buy a new phone which will not be an Apple product . Just thougjt I’d let you know bit then again you probably already do.

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