iPhone Data Recovery in NYC

We recover data from destroyed iPhones.

If your iPhone has been damaged by liquid, moisture, or just died out of the blue – we can get your data back.

How does this work?

  1. Bring the phone to our store.
  2. We make you a ticket.
  3. We retrieve your data to a USB flashdrive.
  4. You pick up your data & pay your invoice!

Outside NYC? No problem! Mail us your phone utilizing our mail-in instructions and include your passcode. We can provide you with your data on a flash drive or you can supply one.

We can retrieve your data at reasonable prices.

Data recovery starts at $300 and goes up to $450. For the iPhone X and newer, these start at $450 and go up to $650 as they are infinitely more complex than older iPhones. We use the same techniques utilized for our component level logic board repairs to retrieve data from your iPhone, from running jumpers to replacing burned components. You only pay if we get your data: if not, only a $25 fee to reassemble your phone.

We properly treat your phone’s logic board.

Your iPhone logic board is made up of electronic components covered by shields. If your iPhone is damaged by water, it is common for cellphone repair shops to attempt a cleaning of the phone, but most technicians do not know to remove the shields. It’s even worse when companies advertise “drying” your phone: letting your phone “dry” is the worst thing you can do!

Think of cleaning a phone motherboard without desoldering its shields like taking a shower with your clothes on. How does the shower clean your skin if you have clothes on over you? Staples Tekdry “drying” your phone is as ludicrous as blowdrying your dishes after I drop a pile of wet feces on them. Would you eat from that dish? How does drying something dirty make it better?

Somehow, Staples can advertise this service with a straight face. We would never clean our bodies this way, yet for some reason we expect to bring back time treasured memories from our iPhones this way. The carnage stops here!

We address this prior to any other component level repairs on the logic board with an ultrasonic cleaning process that removes the corrosion from the entire logic board. After corrosion is removed, we microsolder in new components to replace burned ones and run jumper wires to restore data pathways. This is the only proper way to recover data from a liquid damaged phone! If the shields are not removed, the corrosion and damage sitting under the shields will not be addressed, and your phone’s logic board, data, and memories will continue corroding away.

We do not repair liquid damaged phones outside of data recovery.

If your phone has been liquid damaged, Apple will replace the device outright for $200-$300 – even if you are not in warranty. Add up a $25 battery, $84 screen, $25 in flex cables, $150-$300 in motherboard repair, and $40 in disassembly/reassembly work, and it makes no sense for us to do this. We do not provide liquid damage repairs to liquid damaged cellphones, only data recovery.

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

  • We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • We use grade A+ parts.
  • We can repair motherboard component level issues.