Macbook Air and Retina Screen Repair in NYC

Cracked or broken Macbook Air? or Macbook Pro Retina?  Is everyone else in New York quoting you insane prices with a lame, 30 day warranty? Call us or walk right into our store – if there’s no major line up we’ll repair your screen in an a few hours or less, for a reasonable price with a one year limited warranty.

If you live outside NYC, you can check out online and mail your Macbook to us for repair!

A1370 & A1465 11″ Macbook Air: $250 + tax

A1369 & A1466 13″ Macbook Air: $325 + tax

A1425 & A1502 from 2012-2014 13″ Macbook Pro Retina: $400 + tax

A1398 from 2012-2014 15″ Macbook Pro Retina: $400 + tax

A1502 from 2015 13″ Macbook Pro Retina: $500 + tax

A1398 from 2015 15″ Macbook Pro Retina: $500 + tax

These are special screen repairs!

We use proper tools  to minimize damage to back layers. You won’t find any cheap canned air units in our shop that let moisture, chemicals and dust discolor your new screen. Fixing the new Macbook Air and Retina is sensitive, serious business. The complex screen must be refurbished, not replaced. It used to be that you purchased a screen, unscrewed the old one, and screwed the new one in. Now you can only buy a part of the screen and must use that to refurbish the existing LCD assembly. This is difficult to do right, but we do it everyday! The difference in quality between Rossmann refurbishing & other refurbishing is not subtle!

Top Reasons to repair your Macbook Air with Rossmann Repair Group 

  • We stock our parts, no waiting on orders.
  • Superior tools, superior methodology, superior quality!
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • We use grade A+ parts.
  • We have confidence in our parts, so we offer a one year limited warranty! Not 30 days.

You will find many service centers quoting 3-7 day turnaround times because they are not performing the repair. They are shipping your laptop off to god-knows-who to repair it for them. At Rossmann’s we repair your laptop screen right here, using our parts, done by our technicians. Watch how we do it here!

Call us during store hours: (347) 552-2258. 

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186 First Avenue New York, NY 10009

Monday to Friday 12 PM to 8 PM.

Weekends  12 PM to 4 PM.