Are Macbook laptops “good” ?

Posted Thursday, September 27, 2018

People often argue the hardware merit of Apple products. Some people say they’re made amazingly well, some people say they’re made like crap. I’d like to put some objective merit behind my opinion, which is that they are well designed concept cars.

A concept car may do things other cars in its class cannot do. Above average handling or acceleration, but above average difficulty or fuel consumption. Perhaps spare parts are difficult to find and a specific part goes out more often than it should. It is a “good” car, but in some ways it is worse than a $9000 Honda for just driving around Manhattan.


I see Apple laptops the same way. For example – in 2007, Apple started using LED backlit screens in the A1226/A1260 model Macbook Pros. PCs wouldn’t make the switch until 2-3 years later to using LED backlit displays. This was

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