This Macbook Pro retina logic board has no output on the internal screen. However, using a displayport to VGA adapter, I was able to get a picture to show upon an external monitor, and I was able to run ASD. ASD gave me an error, displayport symbol error. I investigated the displayport data lines and noticed one had no continuity due to a burned via inside the board.

This is one of those things where you will have people all over the internet telling you it is the lcd cable… but it’s never the LCD cable. It’s that good ol’ wishful thinking that there’s a brainless $4 solution to what is a much larger problem.

The solution here was to dig away until I got to the nub that the in-line capacitor in the displayport data line is soldered to. Since there was no pad left, I put solder and flux on a piece of wire, and did my best to tin the nub. I couldn’t use the soldering iron to solder it, even with the micro soldering iron’s smallest tip, so I put some flux there and used the hot air station to flow the little wire onto the nub. Then, I could solder the capacitor to the wire which was soldered to the nub and huzzah.. PICTURE!!!!

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