National Laptop Repair Service

Is your PC Laptop damaged? Live outside New York? Our New York service center accepts mailed-in laptops from all around the US with same day service and free return shipping.

Top Reasons to repair your Laptop with Rossmann Repair Group

  • We stock our parts, no waiting on orders.
  • Superior tools, superior methodology, superior quality!
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • We use grade A+ parts.
  • We have confidence in our parts, so we offer a one year limited warranty! Not 30 days.

Getting Started

Get started by choosing a service below, and if you have any questions – let us know! We can fix many more issues on any laptop, these are just the common ones people don’t want to do themselves. Please take note of shipping details before purchasing the service.


Send us your Laptop by Post, Fedex, UPS. You pay to ship it to us, we’ll ship it back to you for free. Include the order number from your receipt, or a printed copy of your receipt inside the box you ship your device in.

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Email us anytime.


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