Our Staff

Milan Stojic:

Milan is our lead technician janitor(inside joke). He transforms “not f#&king up” into an art form, working with machine-like precision. Nerves of steel, experience, people skills and organizational prowess ensure our fast paced environment never get the best of him. Whether it’s surprise problems on dropped, wet machines or New York City’s walk-in-crazies; his grace under pressure is remarkable. You won’t find him breaking things because there are 30 jobs in the queue. He won’t be tripped up by miscommunication & selective hearing from people pressuring him into $20 repairs. His common sense and awareness have him inside the head of the customer & technicians he is working with, ensuring communication is never an issue, and he provides comic relief throughout the day. His experience is derived from both formal education and hard knocks experience, and his ability to handle problems and prevent them from occurring under the most difficult of circumstances are legendary.

Fun fact: Milan can pronounce “go fuck yourself” better than anyone else on staff. Cursing is a lost art form in the village. You hear spoiled brats going “f#&king f&!k f*&k f#$kity f%@k” all day, which helps one to appreciate a perfectly enunciated, perfectly timed, “go f#%k yourself.”

 Louis Rossmann

Louis is the company founder & owner. An aspiring audio electronics repair technician, Louis honed his craft at Manhattan’s premier recording studios as an unpaid teenage intern from age 17, slowly climbing to freelance technician. Working 80 hour weeks, he started his adult life as a workaholic, and little has changed today. He’s not quick to delegate a task to anyone short of 110% qualified for the job. You’ll often see Louis inside with one or two lights on, long after closing hours, toiling away at some new idea or a stack of repair work.

Louis is renowned for being screwed over by contractors, suppliers, landlords & service providers. This motivated him to start and run a business that does the exact opposite. Convinced that it is possible to run a a business without screwing people, he adopted policies that focus on calming customer concerns first, and becoming profitable later . Our repair shop accommodates the concerns of the average customer, as opposed to justifying them.

Louis is a hands on business owner. He is often found working alongside the people he employs, as opposed to the traditional role of micromanaging staff or being on vacation. While technically proficient, there is an Oscar & Felix thing going on between other staffers and himself.

Fun fact: Louis can align 0402 packages perfectly with quivering hands.

 Andrew Giugno

Andrew is far too busy with his own business to work here full time – or even part. Rather, he fills the gaps when one of us is sick or otherwise engaged(after lots of groveling on Louis’ part), and he does an excellent job. A veteran of another busy repair shop in a past life, Andrew is well versed as a jack of all trades technician. More importantly, he is also aware of the tech/psychology ratio of the business. He is not an electronics technician; he is your friend first, and your technician second. Andrew’s demeanor helps break the stereotypical barrier of poor communication & socially awkward behavior often present between the everyman and the geeky nerd. He exploits this advantage to great success with his own company – TheMacFix. If you are in Williamsburg, you know the L doesn’t work half the time anyway, so call him and save $2.25 $2.50.

Andrew is also our company’s last ditch effort at keeping Louis from ruining our branding. Without Andrew, we would be hopelessly drowning in logos created with the pencil tool of MS Paint, copy and pasted pictures from Google image search, preschool looking fonts and awful handwritten signs. Not only does he understand how to create involving, unique imagery, but he also understands how to associate it with a specific concept or idea.