Server setup, maintenance, & migration

We can solve common server problems.

If you’re here, it’s not because you’re looking for exchange migration or a SAN. It’s because you have a problem you want solved. Here are some of the common issue we encounter walking into small-medium sized businesses in NYC.

Server setup is too complicated!

When we walk into a 7 user office and see a $30,000 server rack, our first question is what is this for? 99% of the time we see cases of expensive to maintain hardware that is underutilized, or overkill for the task at hand, often at the request of IT consulting companies looking to sign people up for grandiose & unnecessarily expensive installations.

One thing to realize with technology is that the more complicated setup, the more there is to break. Whether it’s dying hardware or just user error, the more you have, the more potential points of failure you have. In 1995, if you wanted to perform specific tasks, you needed a $7000 server for that task. You needed a $20,000 server so your employees could log-in from home and collaborate on projects. Times have changed! There are much simpler ways to accomplish all of this that do not require hefty bills and expensive hardware. Some people need what exchange has to offer – we understand. Many would be better served paying 1/10 as much for an alternative solution that, once set up, requires no outside contractor to regularly maintain.

We can evaluate your setup and, if we see fit, suggest simpler solutions that will save you time, headache, and hassle over time. Further, there is a rewarding feeling that comes from being in control of your IT setup rather than feeling like a clueless slave to it.

Server setup is old and, as a result, falling apart.

We see many offices with semi-failing, 11 year old server hardware. They call regularly for maintenance on this hardware, but the underlying problem is not addressed. Migration to a newer platform is required, but migration is painful. “The last place that tried to update our setup broke everything”, we’ll hear.

Our company is not about hooking up fancy servers, setting them up, and running away. We want to provide complete solutions – meaning making sure your migration goes smooth from the start. If you have mission critical software you use for your everyday business, we will make sure it works on an updated server operating system & hardware before we install it at your business. We’ll be there each step of the way to ensure you’re taken care of.

Server is malfunctioning.

Sometimes it just doesn’t work. You have a good, solid setup – but it just stops working! Our bread and butter comes from analyzing nonworking setups and coming up with a solution in a timeframe that works for you. We understand that your business is not making money during downtime and share your sense of urgency. As a Manhattan based business, we are centrally located and can easily dispatch a technician to your location to assess your problems.

Not just Windows!

Sometimes the best solution for your setup might not be a Windows server. Perhaps you don’t have a Windows server? We can help you set up or maintain a Linux server for backups or file hosting that best suits your needs.