iPad Air Glass & LCD Repair in New York

iPad Air Screen Repair


iPad Air Screen Repair with same day service.

Reasons why you want Rossmann to fix it:

  • Original quality glass used – no cheapo $20 eBay glass.
  • Proper touch response – no phantom touch defects.
  • Same day service.
  • One year warranty against defects on part installed.
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Product Description

We can repair the cracked screen on your iPad Air the day you bring it to us, using original parts.

This covers A1474 and A1475 model iPad Airs. You can read the model # off the back of your iPad.

The price depends on whether the touchscreen, the LCD display, or both are broken.

The touchscreen is the front glass layer – the part that you touch. The LCD is the inner part that creates the picture. These are separate pieces. The price of the repair is dependent on what exactly is broken. Most of the time, it is the touchscreen.

Walk into our store for screen repair, or mail us your iPad Air if you’re outside NYC.

If you live in NYC, you can just walk in and we’ll fix it for you in a few hours if there isn’t anyone else in front of you.

If you don’t live in New York City, purchase this service using the add to cart button at the top. Follow our mail in repair instructions and we’ll fix it the same day we receive it! We offer free return shipping.

We use the same touchscreens & LCD panels that Apple uses.

It’s the same as what Apple puts into the iPad. You can buy $40 glass on Amazon or eBay but half the time it breaks just sitting it into the iPad, and the haziness looking through it is terrible.

We offer a real warranty.

If the LCD or digitizer itself malfunctions within 1 year, you’ll get a new one installed for free.

What separates you from the guy on craigslist who beats your price by $15??

Every device has something about it that makes it tricky to work on.

  • We do not break the antennas or nick the LCD. You will still receive service.
  • Our clean environment and high powered air compressor keep dust out from between the glass & LCD – canned air and dusty bedrooms can’t compare to our shop’s work.
  • Our LCD looks awesome. The colors aren’t tinted all blue or faded out like on generic copy LCDs. The LCD in the screens we use is the same as the LCD in your phone right now. This is the most noticeable difference.
  • Our digitizer looks awesome. There is no visible grid like on lower quality parts that you can see at an angle.
We’re affordable.

Shop around and you’ll see.

Is this a real business? Do you have credible feedback?

Yes. We have a physical workshop location in midtown Manhattan, and CUSTOMERS LOVE US! We are licensed by the New York Department of Consumer Affairs, license number 1418138. We are insured, and our employees are all here legally.

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