iPhone battery repair

Battery Replacement For iPhone 4 & 4S


Dying battery? Let us fix it! We use new, original batteries that work long after the generic eBay batteries fail.

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Batteries last about a year.

It’s unfortunate. With modern phones, how we use them, and the processing power they use – the batteries don’t stand a chance.

We replace batteries.

We can replace your battery in 90 seconds or less.

We use good batteries.

Our batteries aren’t knockoff crap that die 3 days outside the warranty. Expect it to live the same life as your original battery – because it IS the original battery.

Come in and have it done, or mail it to us for us to do it for you.

You can come to either of our stores so we can fix your phone. If you live in the middle of nowhere where there are no local repair shops, you can click add to cart, mail it to our store, so we can fix it for you – with free return shipping.

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