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Headphone Jack+Volume Control Repair For iPhone 4 &4S

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If your volume buttons are stuck or your headphone jack is dead, let us replace it.

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Product Description

Headphone jacks go bad all the time, as well as the buttons.

Foxconn makes good flex cables, but these buttons are notorious for dying quickly. It’s weird, I have a gameboy from 1995 that still works, but buttons on a $500 phone have a lifespan of 1-2 years.

We can replace the entire harness with the headphone jack, volume buttons, and vibrate/silent switch.

It’s not fun, but we can do it.

Quality, pretested flex cables used.

You won’t be back here in three days with the same problem, because we use good parts.

Come in and have it done, or mail it to us for us to do it for you.

You can come to either of our stores so we can fix your phone. If you live in the middle of nowhere where there are no local repair shops, you can click add to cart, mail it to our store, so we can fix it for you – with free return shipping.

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