iPhone Power Button Repair in NYC

iPhone 4 & 4S Power Button Repair


Power button not clicking? iPhone power buttons wear out after 6-12 month; we can replace yours in 40 minutes.

Reasons why you want Rossmann to fix it:

  • Same power flex Apple uses.
  • New power flex, not used $5 eBay power flex.
  • One year warranty against defects on part installed.

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Product Description

Power button jammed? We can replace it!

If the phone doesn’t turn off when you put it to your face, your proximity sensor is malfunctioning. This is attached to the flex cable that has your power button attached to it – so have us replace this if your power button doesn’t click anymore too.

We can replace the power button and proximity flex cable.

It’s all on one cable, which we can swap out.

Quality, original flex used.

Your power button won’t die again in one month.

Come in and have it done, or mail it to us for us to do it for you.

You can come to either of our stores so we can fix your phone. If you live in the middle of nowhere where there are no local repair shops, you can click add to cart, mail it to our store, so we can fix it for you – with free return shipping.

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