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We will replace the old drive in your laptop with a brand new drive and get you back up and running in under a day! We can also recover data ifyou have not backed up important information; just ask. For Mac laptops we can have a new drive installed and ready to go in under 20 minutes.

Reasons why you want Rossmann to fix it:

  • Our drives are faster than what's in your Macbook!
  • Quality drives – SSHDs & WD Black series.
  • Part in stock for same-day service.
  • One year warranty against defects on part installed.

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Product Description

Your machine won’t turn on and you hear clicking come from it. Now what?!

The questionmark folder is not the end.

You’re probably the victim of a dead hard drive. It’s amazing that in 2013, computers are still using mechanical technology to store data, but they do, which is why you’re here.

We can replace your drive the same day.

We have many different types of drives in stock, and do our computer repair work in house – so you don’t have to wait.

We don’t use used or low quality drives.

Our drives are not cheap, slow junk – no WD blue, or off-the-shelf Best Buy fare can be found in our parts inventory!

We use top quality WD Black hard drives & Samsung Pro 840 SSDs for our repairs. Many computer companies like Dell & Apple use low end drives as cost cutting measures to lower the cost of manufacturing a laptop.

A used or pulled drive will not last as long as a new drive. Your hard drive is like a car engine. Every mile driven is a day closer to its inevitable breakdown. We do not cut corners, you will be able to watch us remove the drive from sealed factory packaging before we put it inside your machine, not taped together eBay seller packaging. It is very common for companies to use used or pulled drives to save money.

We’ll install an operating system for you.

Data transfer from your old drive to the new drive is complimentary & free – when going about this upgrade, we will transfer your operating system in full along with all of your content to this new drive so your laptop will run exactly as it did before, just with more space. If your drive is dead, a data recovery fee may apply.

We can recover your data.

We offer advanced data recovery services with high success rates. If you need your data, inquire with us – it might be more affordable than you think!

We can upgrade you to a solid state drive so your laptop runs much faster!

Hard drives find data through mechanically. Solid state drives use no moving parts. An SSD can be likened to using a remote control to change the channel, with a hard drive being like getting up to walk across the room to change the channel. It’s that night and day a difference.

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