Macbook Air LCD Screen Repair 13.3″


We can replace the screen on your old Macbook Air without ruining your bezel – it’ll look great when we’re done.

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Product Description

This service is for OLD Macbook Air 13.3″ models with a SILVER power button!

A1237 13.3" Macbook Air LCD Screen Repair Replacement Service

This service is for A1237 & A1304 models. Do note a large price difference based on model number – if your air has a BLACK power button, this is NOT the right service!

Bring the Macbook Air to our store or mail it in for repair.

If you live in NYC, come to our shop in Manhattan to have your LCD screen replaced.

If you don’t live in New York City, purchase this service using the add to cart button, and mail it to us using our mail in repair instructions.We’ll fix it and send it back to you with free return shipping.

This is the same B133EW03 LCD that Apple uses.

It’s an AU Optronics B133EW03, the same model Apple uses. You can always purchase the part by itself from our supplier company here – the B133EW03 is the most used LCD for our service.

Unlike the many imitator services that buy these parts off eBay from the middlemen, we buy direct from the manufacturer. We buy grade A+ LCDs in quantites of 200-1000 from Chi Mei & LG. The reason for our fast turnaround and low price is that we are the parts source.

There are cheaper techs out there, but they love to bend the bezel.

Every device has something about it that makes it tricky to work on.

  • We don’t bend your bezel. The way it looked before you brought it to us, is how it will look when we give it back to you.
  • We do not break the plastic bar along the bottom of the LCD frame that is incredibly easy to break. It is glued to the bezel, and very weak.
  • We do not mess up your LVDS display cable. It is taped to the LCD in a difficult to remove manner.
We’re affordable.

Most other repair centers buy the LCDs off eBay or other middlemen 5-10 at a time, because for them, this is a side business. Or, they are a general service company that performs many different repairs, so stocking 1000 LCDs for one machine makes no sense.

Our bread & butter, 12 hours a day, is providing screen replacement service & acquisitions of rare & discontinued LCD screens from the manufacturer. Our supplier, buys the parts we use from Toshiba, AUO, LG, Samsung, Chi Mei, Chung Hwa, and receives excellent quantity discounts for purchases of 50-100 cartons worth.

We warranty the LCD we put in your Air.

If the LCD itself malfunctions within 1 year, you’ll get a new one installed for free.

Is this a real business? Do you have credible feedback?

Yes. We have a physical workshop location in midtown Manhattan, and CUSTOMERS LOVE US!

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