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Macbook Air Keyboard Replacement


Keys not working? You may need a keyboard replacement; we can replace your keyboard with same day service. Check out the entire procedure as our technician repairs a spill damaged computer. Rossmann goes the extra mile to ensure your spill damaged machine does not fail again.

Reasons why you want Rossmann to fix it:

  • New keyboard installed, not used keyboard from eBay.
  • Part in stock for same-day service.
  • One year warranty against defects on part installed.
  • Complimentary basic internal cleaning included!

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Product Description

Malfunctioning Macbook Air Keyboard? Some keys don’t work? We can replace it!

A1370 11.6" Macbook Air LCD Screen Repair Replacement Service

This service is for Macbook Air laptops that look like the laptop above with model number A1466, A1370, A1369, A1304, or A1237. This covers 13.3″, 11.6″ models. This repair service is if the keyboard does not respond, or if keys are missing. This price is for an American keyboard only, and does not apply to foreign keyboard layouts, as these parts are more expensive. If it’s one of the newer airs and the part is in stock, we can often offer same-day turnaround!

Bring your Macbook Air into our shop, or mail it in for repair service.

If you live in NYC, come to our store to have the keyboard replaced. If there aren’t a lot of people ahead of you, we’ll do the job the same day.

If you don’t live in New York City, purchase this service using the add to cart button, and mail it to us using our mail in repair instructions. Repairs can often be performed same day we receive the machine, and we can ship it back to you the next business day with free shipping.

Only new keyboards – no used keyboards pulled from old laptops.

We do not use used keyboards purchased from eBay. There is no sweatier part of a hard worker than the palms & fingertips of someone busy typing away, especially in NYC summer heat. We would never give you a used keyboard – our keyboards are all fresh, never touched by anyone until you first lay your fingers on them.

We will clean the spill damage off of the board.

99% of the time keyboard damage is caused by a liquid spill, or high humidity and other exposure to liquid.

IF THE DAMAGE IS MINIMAL(big if here), we’ll remove it at no charge. Over time, the liquid eats away at the components on your board. Simply replacing your keyboard will leave you with a ticking timebomb of a laptop. For this reason, we use a professional grade ultrasonic cleaner with a special chemical formula to clean your board, and remove all contaminants.

This way, your laptop motherboard will last for many years to come, instead of dying in 2-4 months.

If your motherboard has extensive spill damage, there may be additional charges, that we will discuss with you before we go ahead. These are not mandatory, it is to your discretion what you would like us to do.

What separates you from the guy on craigslist who beats your price by $15??

Every device has something about it that makes it tricky to work on.

  • We do not use a used keyboard. Even if it is cleaned off, a few extra bucks to have a new keyboard is worth it.
  • We do not lose any of the 50+ screws holding your keyboard down. Even one lost screw causes the keyboard to sit unevenly.

Watch how we do the job below.

Why is this price so low compared to everyone else?

We seek to differentiate ourselves from the stores & offices attempting to take $275-$400 for a keyboard. This does not take longer than two hours of our time, and as such, should not cost you $250+ in labor. Also, as a parts source, we do get our keyboards at a lower price than other vendors, which allows us to pass that savings onto you.

Why is this price so high for just a keyboard?

We would politely ask that you look into the process involved in replacing this keyboard. Once you see all the steps involved, come back to this question and see if you can answer it. 🙂

We warranty our work.

If the keyboard fails for any reason other than a liquid spill within 1 year, we will replace it for free. We are serious about liquid spills though – it is very, very easy to tell when another spill has occurred!

We’re a real business with credible feedback.

We have a physical workshop location in midtown Manhattan, and CUSTOMERS LOVE US!

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