Macbook Logic Board Repair

Macbook Logic Board Repair

We can fix your Macbook logic board by replacing the components on it for a flat rate! We’re not new to this. Watch our videos below or admire the photo to the left – we’ll stop at nothing to make your motherboard work again, and if our experts can’t fix it – no one can!

Why Rossmann’s logic board repair?

  • If we can’t fix it, you get a full refund.
  • We’ve fixed everything – just look at the product photo. 🙂
  • Three month warranty on all board repairs.
  • Happy customers! Read what they have to say here!
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Product Description

Your logic board’s dead and Apple gave you a repair bill of $750. What now?

Our flat rate logic board repair service will repair your board so you can use your laptop again. Whether you’ve suffered a liquid spill, overheated GPU, or just a dead board; we’ve got you covered. If we’re unsuccessful, you pay nothing.

Instead of replacing your entire logic board, we will replace the burned or failed components on your existing logic board with new ones. Your logic board contains thousands of interconnected components – it makes no sense to throw the entire thing away because one of those 1000+ components has went bad!

Come to our store for repair, or mail your Macbook to us if you’re outside NYC.

Note: for regular consumers, we ask that you send the entire machine. Sending board by itself will lead to slower turnaround and inability to reproduce problems that your machine may be causing with the logic board.

Live in New York? Come to our store! You can bring your laptop to our store for motherboard repair and we’ll get started!

Live outside New York? NO PROBLEM! You can purchase this service using the add to cart button above, and mail it to our service center following our mail in repair instructions.

We are the real deal! Many companies swap your motherboard with others, and refund you if they can’t find one for less than you paid. Check out our work below as we repair several customer’s logic boards on camera!

Logic board problems are caused by severe physical damage, age, overheating, and liquid spills. If your logic board is dead and you’ve received a ridiculously high repair quote, we can help. Logic board problems are often completely fixable by repairing the board you have. You do not always need to replace this expensive part to have a working Macbook! By repairing the board instead of replacing it, we can save you a lot of money. Our success rate is incredibly high. If your machine exhibits any of those issues, this is the service for you.

  1. Macbook does not turn on.
  2. Macbook does not stay on long.
  3. Macbook does not take a charge.
  4. Macbook does not run off of battery, but runs off of power adapter.
  5. LCD has no backlight, but has an image.
  6. Computer has a mind of its own.

Why Rossmann Repair logic board refurbishing?

We offer permanent solutions.

We don’t reball old G84-602-A2 graphics chips for A1226/A1229/A1261/A1260 models. We replace with a new G84-603-A2 – which won’t fail again. We are aware that if you’re here, you’re probably used to arguing your 30 day warranty terms as the laptop fails on day 31. We offer a 90 day warranty, and do our best to make sure the work sticks.

We don’t snatch parts.

Unfortunately, it is common that you send a laptop in for motherboard repair only to be taken advantage of. Since your laptop doesn’t turn on, this makes it an easy upsell – you have no idea what else still works inside the machine. Any part we replace will be sent back along with the laptop so you can see that we have not stolen it for another repair, and we never steal parts from one laptop to fix another. We believe in stocking parts instead of stealing. We’ve already got what we need!

We cover all Intel based Apple laptops from 2006 to the present.

Any Macbook or Macbook Pro laptop made in the past eight years is eligible for service.

We accept walk in customers and laptops you ship to us for service.

Whether you’re down the block or 5000 miles away, we have service options for you.

We use parts from the original manufacturers.

Most parts on your board are readily available. Apple does not manufacture the Intersil chip on the bottom of your A1181 Macbook that controls battery charging. The 0402 package fuse that blows when novice technicians attempt to replace the LCD without removing the battery on a Unibody machine are generic parts, not unique to Apple.

Sadly, we can no longer take motherboards by themself!

We used to be ok with people sending just the logic board. The problem is this: over 9 out of 10 times, when we fix the board for customers who did not send the entire computer, they have an issue. Very often that issue is related to ripping pieces off the board during reassembly, or plugging liquid damaged components back into the fixed logic board. This causes us to be blamed for the board “never being fixed right to begin with.” which is a problem we never have when we perform logic board repairs on full computers and reassemble them with the repaired board ourselves. In order to avoid this hassle, which is almost guaranteed to occur on every board only repair we do, we simply do not accept board only repairs anymore from consumers. If you send the board by itself and we do not have a pre-existing, positive, wholesale relationship – we will not fix it.

We understand that you are paranoid about parts being stolen out of your laptop. I understand this better than most, since we used to outsource board repairs to scumbags that would do just that, and honestly; I know how you feel. I just can’t continue allowing our staff to be screamed at for boards that have no backlight when people plug in a liquid damaged, charred, burned up LCD cable into a board we repaired. I’m sorry!

You can send us the motherboard by itself.

We understand that there are many chop shops in NYC, that will tell you your keyboard or other internal components are bad when they repair your logic board. It has become common practice in this industry for repair shops to steal components from machines with dead logic boards. The thought process behind this is that if the machine cannot turn on, there is no way for the owner to know if their wiring, keyboard, drives, etc are any good. If you’ve fell victim to this kind of thievery before, we understand. You can give us just your logic board by itself. We will repair it, and then you can put it back in your machine, or you can have us install it back into your machine once we are done repairing it right in front of you. This way, you can be sure no part of your laptop has been scavenged

Beware any shop that demands you give them the entire computer. Any reputable logic board repair shop should be able to test your logic board with their own test setup. They should not need your entire computer! Should you want to give us your entire computer, we are ok with this, but it is NOT NECESSARY!

Our prices are low, and we negotiate discounted rates for other repair shops.

If you run a repair shop, you can stop replacing boards for $500-$750 and start getting them fixed for much cheaper. Or, you can send us the boards that you have taken from broken machines so we may fix them, allowing you to offer these refurbished boards to new customers at great savings to yourself.

Most other shops either try to replace your board with one they find on eBay at a high markup. Or, they try to have it repaired by a very expensive reverse logistics services provider in the U.S. These companies charge the store you brought the laptop to $200-$300 per board, and then they charge you $100-$200 as their middleman fee.

By streamlining the process, we cut your costs considerably. We work closely with factories that produce these boards and we keep up with design issues & trends so we are prepared to economically service & supply these boards to our repair customers.

We warranty our work.

If the logic board malfunctions for reason outside of liquid spill damage or physical damage encountered after the laptop leaves our shop within 90 days, we will fix the board again at no cost.

We are a licensed storefront business with years of positive feedback.

We are a licensed business with a legitimate workshop & many happy customers. Google around!

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Regular Macbook & Macbook Pro, Retina Macbook Pro


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