A1286 Unibody Glass & LCD Repair

A1286 15.4″ Unibody Macbook Pro Screen Repair


Cracked screen? No image? We can replace the glass or LCD on your 15.4″ A1286 Unibody Macbook Pro with same day service, and we don’t get dust inbetween the glass and LCD.

Reasons why you want Rossmann to fix it:

  • Same LCD Apple uses installed.
  • Part in stock for same-day service.
  • One year warranty against defects on part installed.
  • Quality adhesives used for a factory fit!


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Product Description

This service is for A1286 model 15.4″ Macbook Pros, from October 2008 to the present.

A1286 15.4" Unibody Macbook Pro LCD Screen Repair Replacement Service

This service is for A1286 15.4″ Unibody Macbook Pro models that look like the laptop above. This repair service is if the LCD by itself is bad, the part that makes the picture If the part in front of the glass that you can touch is cracked, then you need glass + LCD replacement.

Glass? LCD? How should I know what’s broken?

The glass is the plexiglass part in front of the LCD. The LCD is what actually creates the image.

Come to our store for repair, or mail your Macbook to us if you’re outside NYC.

If you live in NYC, you can just walk in and we’ll fix it for you in an hour or two if there isn’t anyone else in front of you.

If you don’t live in New York City, purchase this service using the add to cart button at the top. Follow our mail in repair instructions and we’ll fix it the same day we receive it! We offer free return shipping.

We don’t get dust between the glass & LCD.

No. Check our work after we’re done. We work in a very clean environment. Our room is cleaned by high quality air filtration units, and has contaminants removed from shelving, floors, and workbenches on an hourly basis. Our high end air compressor with inline filtering leaves shops using canned air in the dust(no pun intended).

We use the same parts as Apple.

It’s an LG LP154WP4-TLA1, new, Grade A+.

Unlike the many imitator services that buy these parts off eBay from the middlemen, we buy direct from the manufacturer. We buy grade A+ LCDs in quantites of 200-1000 from Chi Mei & LG. The reason for our fast turnaround and low price is that we are the parts source.

What separates you from the guy on craigslist who beats your price by $15??

Every device has something about it that makes it tricky to work on.

  • We do not scratch your existing glass.
  • We remove the old adhesive and install new, proper adhesive so your glass does not fall off.
  • We do not ruin your LVDS cable’s bracket trying to get it into the new LCD. This causes it to fall out eventually, which disables your display. It happens often on this model because the LVDS cable is very short, and plugs in the back of the display.
  • We do not get dust from the room inbetween your glass & LCD. We operate in a clean environment.
We’re affordable.

Our bread & butter, 12 hours a day, is providing screen replacement services & acquisitions of rare & discontinued LCD screens from the manufacturer. We buy the parts we use from Toshiba, AUO, LG, Samsung, Chi Mei, Chung Hwa, and receive excellent quantity discounts for purchases of 50-100 cartons worth.

There’s a warranty on our service.

If the LCD itself malfunctions within 1 year, you’ll get a new one installed for free.

Is this a real business? Do you have credible feedback?

Yes. We have a physical workshop location in midtown Manhattan, and CUSTOMERS LOVE US!

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