Laptop DC Power Jack Repair


If your power jack on your laptop isn’t working, we can replace it with a new one, so your laptop can charge once more.

Reasons why you want Rossmann to fix it:

  • Quality leaded Kester solder used.
  • New jack installed, not a used power jack.
  • Many jacks in stock for fast service.
  • One year warranty on power jack installed.
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We’ll replace your power jack properly so your charger works again.

We never try to fix the old jack. This service is for laptops that are not charging the battery due to a loose, defective, or broken power jack. If your laptop refuses to acknowledge the charger, you likely need a new power jack, which we can replace for you.

We can tell you if it’s just your charger.

We have the tools necessary to tell if your charger is working or not. Bring it with your charger. We can try the laptop with our chargers, and test your charger while it’s here. One of the oldest corrupt-repair-shop tricks in the book is to tell people it’s their motherboard or dc jack when it’s just their charger. We can show you while you wait whether it’s your charger or your laptop motherboard’s power jack that is at fault.

Come to our store, or mail in your laptop to us for repair.

If you live in NYC, come to our workshop in Manhattan to have your LCD screen replaced in twenty minutes while you wait.

If you don’t live in New York City, purchase this service using the add to cart button, and mail it to us using our mail in repair instructions. Repairs can often be performed same day we receive the laptop, and we can ship it back to you the next business day.

We can do the job very quickly.

If your laptop does not use a rare power jack, we can fix it inside of a day.

Our price includes parts and labor.

No hidden fees, or “oh,the $150 is just for the part.. you want us to DO IT? That’s another $75.” This price includes parts and labor.

That price is low. Is it guaranteed?

This price covers 99% of the laptops that will be brought in. 1% of them will be machines with strange, rare, expensive power boards that may cost more, but 99% of the machines brought in will be covered under this flat rate price.

We’re amazing technicians, and know how to solder a DC jack better than the factory!

We use quality, leaded kester solders for a better than factory connection – read more about leaded vs. lead free solder here. We are excellent solderers – whether it’s something as basic as a DC jack or as complex as a QFN package, we get the job done professionally. No nasty work or solder blobs or wonky DC jacks leave our store.



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