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iPhone 3G & 3GS Screen Repair


This repair service is for an iPhone 3G or 3GS with a broken/cracked LCD or glass. Please note the price is different if BOTH the LCD & glass are broken, vs. just the glass or just the LCD being broken. The LCD is what makes the picture, the glass is what you touch.

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Product Description

This service is for cracked iPhone 3G & 3GS cellphones.

We can replace the cracked screen in 20 minutes, while you wait*

Touchscreen? LCD? What are you talking about?

The touchscreen is the part that you touch – the front glass. The LCD is the part that makes the picture, which is under the glass. The price of the repair depends on what is broken.

Come to one of our stores, or mail in your iPhone for us to fix it.

If you live in NYC, come to our workshopin Park Slope or Manhattan to have your LCD screen replaced in twenty minutes while you watch. If you don’t live in New York City, purchase this service using the add to cart button at the top. Send your phone to the mail in service address in our banner at the top. It’ll be fixed and sent back to you in under 12 hours after arrival. Your package MUST REQUIRE A SIGNATURE so we can sign for it, and it must be packaged properly, with a note or a receipt inside indicating who you are & that you purchased our service.

We use the same LCD that went into your phone.

We like to brag about the quality of the LCDs we use on the iPhone 4 & 4S. To be honest, I can’t do that here. We use the same LCDs that Apple used, but the LCD in the 3G & 3GS is not that great to begin with.

Craigslist saves you $10, but at what expense?

Every device has something about it that makes it tricky to work on.

  • We do not break the proximity sensor; it will still work on your phone after the LCD replacement, which keeps your phone from hanging up on people during a phone call.
  • We do not break the antenna connector; you will still have good service once we are done..

We provide a real warranty.

If the LCD itself malfunctions within 1 year, you’ll get a new one installed for free. This limited warranty does not cover any part of the phone besides the screen, nor does it cover physical or liquid damage.

Our reputation proceeds us.

We have a physical workshop location in midtown Manhattan, and CUSTOMERS LOVE US! We are licensed by the New York Department of Consumer Affairs, license number 1418138. We are insured, and our employees are all here legally.

Wait, so I heard Apple will give me a new phone if I trade my old one in? Why the f&#k would I use you?

Well, first, we’re cheaper. Considerably cheaper. If $35-$50 and the 45 minutes you spend restoring the new phone means nothing to you, go ahead and waste your time and money.

If I haven’t sold you based on the wasted time and extra money using the Apple store costs, think about what you get when you trade your old phone in. The phone you receive at the Apple store is NOT new! It’s a refurbished phone. Yes, it is refurbished by Apple. However, the person refurbishing the phone is likely near minimum wage and has no personal tie to the quality of their work. Their reputation or livelihood isn’t based on whether they screw little metal pieces under the camera in properly. Ours is.

*20 minute availability is based on stock, we do not always stock parts to the 3G or 3GS. Please call in advance for availability. 

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What's broken?

I have broken glass, I have a broken LCD, Both are broken!


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