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Our store can replace your laptop screen quickly and affordably. We use Grade A+ parts and 1 year limited warranty, and stock many LCDs that other shops will have to special order.

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Cracked or broken PC laptop screen? Now what? Call us or walk right into one of our stores and if there’s no major line up, and the part is in stock, we’ll repair your screen while you wait. You can also mail your device to us to fix if you don’t live in New York!

Top Reasons to repair your Laptop Screen with Rossmann Repair Group 

  • We have a retail workshop location to better serve you and our CUSTOMERS LOVE US!<– Read the reviews.
  • We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • We use grade A+ parts.
  • You can wait while we repair your screen. No additional “Rush Fee”
  • We offer 1 year warranty

Call us during store hours: (347) 552-2258. 

Email us anytime


186 First Avenue New York, NY 10009

Monday to Friday 10 AM to 8 PM.

Saturday & Sunday 12 PM to 6 PM

We can replace the screen in ten minutes or less!

If your laptop does not use a rare display, we can fix it in front of you in ten minutes. We stock many laptop screens on site and do not outsource the work, so it can often be done while you wait.

Our pricing is fair.

For modern laptops that use standard screens, price is dependent upon screen size. Select your screen size from the drop down menu above for a price list.

We offer discounted options if you want to save money.

If you’re on a tight budget, we do offer used, refurbished, or returned LCDs that function properly at a discount.

We don’t make a habit of charging $250 to fix a $300 laptop.

If you call around, it is common to find places that want to charge $250-$300 to fix your $320 laptop when the part is under $150. These service centers often prey upon people’s reluctance go buy a new machine and set everything up from scratch. Sheep doesn’t take advantage of your fears to take more money.

We’re really, really fast.

As a company that stocks hundreds of LCDs on site, we have to perform less outside parts orders than any other repair shop in New York to repair your laptop. Parts orders waste time. If the part a shop orders for your laptop is DOA, you’re stuck waiting another week for the shop to order another part for your laptop. We avoid these problems by having a separate, in-house supply company.

We use good, grade A+ parts, not A- junk screens purchased from eBay!

Many vendors sell screens on eBay as low as $35. The problem with these screens is they often have lines, stuck pixels, mura, and a very short warranty. Laptop Screen Repair is a specialty of ours. Our LCDs come directly from AU Optronics, Chi Mei, LG, Samsung, and Chung Hwa – the same companies that makes the LCD inside your computer. Our LCDs are Grade A+, unlike the factory rejects and A- grade parts many repair shops commonly purchase on eBay. Our supply company stocks more screens for laptop screen repair than any repair shop in New York on site. This means faster turnaround times for you, with parts we can warranty for one year – not 30 days!

Prices are fair, but not guaranteed for all laptops.

99% of the laptops that come in manufactured from 2010-present will be covered by this service price. 1% of the time, someone has a laptop that has a $200 or $300 part in it. We can’t offer a service where we lose hundreds of dollars with each sale. We want to be able to give a base price for 99% of our customers, without having to stick to it if you are in the 1%. If the repair price were to go up due to your laptop using a specialized screen, you would be informed prior to any work being performed. Also, since the work is done in front of you, you would be informed instantly what the cost of the repair would be, and are welcome to ask us to reassemble the laptop and give it back to you at no charge if an additional charge does apply.

Ok, I give. You guys seem like the techs for me, but, I don’t live in New York. What now?

If you need PC Laptop Screen Repair outside of New York, we can still help. Purchase this service using the add to cart button, and send the laptop to the address at the top of our page.

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