A $4600 Website by the Demski Group & Andrew Demski.

Posted Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hiring Andrew Demski

Y kant andrew spel

Delays in transferring the site over result from Andrew’s inability to spell rossmanngroup.com properly, yet he can email me at rossmanngroup.com.

This story begins on early August when we signed a contract to design a new site. The price would be $4600, with a down payment of $2300. Around August 10th, my site was transferred over to their server for development. The first red flag can be read in the email I received revealing that delays in getting the site transferred to his server were caused by a misspelling of my name. Spelling errors are lame to criticize someone over, but are relevant when delays in transferring the site over are used as the primary excuse for all of Demski’s failures.

Two months in, Andrew Demski emails me to take a look at a page he’s designed.

Weeks after pointing out how bad the design of many pages were, Andrew says he has a design for me to review, that he would like to use as the template for the site’s other pages. Great.. right?

After hiring a firm for $4600 to design a website, there is no greater nightmare than being two months in and seeing what you see below for approval. He used the verb design to describe what he had done in this transformative process on October 11th.

This is his newly designed page. This is terrible.

Demski Group web design

Look at Andrew Demski’s newly designed page. The random text centering. The form at the bottom that doesn’t belong, that leads nowhere.

Demski group's UI/UX & formatting

Note the random text centering at the bottom of Demski Group’s design.

Now let’s take a look at my old website – same page.

Original bottom page.

Here is my *original* website. Notice how the bulletpoints have sensible margins, proper indenting, no random centering. There are no broken forms at the bottom of the page.

Sensible margins

My site may look dated, but has sensible margins and readability.

But wait! There’s more!

One may think my criticism of what you saw above was harsh on October 11th, but there is a reason for this criticism. Almost two weeks prior I had pointed out that the bad formatting and appearance of the site as it was was unacceptable, and that I needed to see better design. He knew I was expecting a good looking page.

email to demski

I told Andrew that I needed to see something that looked proper in terms of page design. Being over six weeks from the point at which I paid, and being that the contract specified approximately 30-45 days, I was dismayed at the site’s appearance to this point.

old site vs. new site comparison

Look at my original site on the left. Look at his site on the right. Look at the formatting, the fonts, the way the content pops off the page. Which site is my old one? Which is the new $4600 one from a U.S. designer?

We know what to expect with $300 websites vs. $4600 websites. We rarely imagine that the $300 site be better.

I’ve had websites done in the past in the $300-$500 range. https://mailin.repair is one of them! I had spoken to Andrew Demski on the phone to explain what I wanted the new site to be like. My overall desire was to avoid the lack of cohesion that results when people who don’t speak English from freelancer/odesk are creating a site with no concept of design or common sense. I was clear that I do not have a great sense of aesthetic taste or design, and that I wanted someone skilled in that matter to take care of this. I was never expecting that the person I hired for $4600 would be considerably worse than I at this task.

Imagine my surprise when 2 months in, the call to mail your device in is spelled as it is below. I have no problem with people that do not speak English, but it is necessary that English be a primary language for someone designing our site so errors like this need not be pointed out 7 weeks into the process. 

Outsourced Demski Group web design.

Nothing spells outsourced to freelancer.com for $200 than having “Main it in!” on the front page of your *mail* in repair webpage.

We gave chances.

We emailed so many times. We spoke on the phone. We conveyed expectations and at the end of the day, the homepage doesn’t even have separate pictures for tools vs. ultrasonic cleaners. This was brought up three times. At some point, he emailed asking for code I had already sent him for a scheduling page, and said it wasn’t included in the scope. We’re 6 weeks in, and he is asking for something I sent at the very beginning of the project. I send this email October 3rd.

email one, with my reply.

At the point that he had no recollection of conversations or emails about specific features we had discussed, with code I had sent, at the beginning of the project, I lost confidence that any of this could be remedied.

We had talked on the phone about adding the page for scheduling a pickup/dropoff page that included this code here for the scheduler. https://bpaste.net/show/3772ebb80db4 It wouldn’t require you coding a scheduler. This is why it worries me that you are emailing me asking for the scheduler page on my original website when I had said on the phone that this was a new feature that didn’t exist on my original site.

Andrew, I want you to tell me what you would do if you were me. You need a site and say you need someone who understands what you are trying to do – that you want a real designer, not a $250 odesk designer who pastes chunks into a template with no understanding of the intended goal. You agree to pay $4500+ for this.

You get a draft from the developer and have to tell them that mac laptop repair, mac laptop repair services, macbook pro repairs and retina macbook repairs was redundant on the front page. Why does he present this to you like that? Does this not seem redundant? Anyone can populate a website and move text chunks around, but you need DESIGN. By design I mean where you do not have to tell someone this is redundant, that you just intuitively realize “hey we repeated ourselves 3 times.” This is the difference between odesk and $4000+ U.S. located developer.

The front page says “main it in” instead of mail. Why is the developer presenting this to you as a draft? Who is spelling mail as main? It isn’t him, because someone who speaks English would not make this specific kind of spelling mistake and email it to you as a draft on a $4000 site. Someone on odesk did that.

We’re six weeks into development and pages like this are being presented to you.


Look at these pages. The old site is better than this new one.

Why is the favicon a shopping cart? You do board repair. It should be your logo. This reeks of “someone’s customizing a canned magento theme. “

This screams “Since he’s am not blind, he can see the small detail of the font size not matching and mail being spelled as main, on a mail in repair site in large words. But he is either incapable of figuring out how to make it all match with a few minutes of work, OR just doesn’t give a shit that he’s handing you his homework all crumpled up and used to wipe his ass on a $4600 site draft.”

You hired a pro. You know they can make all of this make sense with less than 2 minutes of effort before sending you a draft. If they don’t know how to do this, then they’re not going to know how to have a fast page speed(this site takes 20 seconds per page to load), make changes, or keep the design responsive on mobile, or deal with plug in changes. They’re just not qualified for this.

If it is the latter—they just don’t CARE. Then that is even worse. They’re ubreakifix or some other low quality chain. They’re handing me back a phone that has half of the screws missing and a screen lifted that will crack 10 minutes later and don’t even care. This means they couldn’t be bothered to keep the code neat, care about one box being larger than another later on, and just unable to be the author of the way you represent the face of your business—which hinges on people trusting your ability to deal with intricate complex problems and people’s sensitive data on a regular basis.

What would you do? What would you think?

I need one of two things. I need to see a site that allows me to entirely forget what you have shown me up to this point; something so amazing, that is better above and beyond from what I had in every conceivable way; worthy of an American designer asking over $4000, or a refund. This is not what I agreed to.

I want to see something that I can be proud of here. I want to see you succeed. I really do. But, if you’re unable or unwilling to master this level of basic professionalism then I feel that you’ve misrepresented your ability to me when I agreed to the price, and I will do whatever I can do make sure that someone middlemanning for odesk at $4600 doesn’t happen to anyone else.

His response

He says he has not sent anything over asking for a review yet. However, we’ll soon see this is not true.

This email from September 11th shows that 5 weeks in he was linking me to pages that he had worked on. You can see the results below.

If nothing was sent over to review, then why link me to this page? 

He sent this email saying he worked on that page on September 11th. On October 3rd, I sent my email stating just how bad the site looked. On October 11th, one full month later, he links me to this page for review:

He says he hasn’t sent over any pages to review in the past. Here, he is proudly displaying something he spent two months on. Scroll further to see just what it looks like.


Demski Group web design

Look at this page. The random text centering. The form at the bottom that doesn’t belong, that leads nowhere. This is what The Demski Group presents to a client after two months.

Demski group's UI/UX & formatting

Note the random text centering at the bottom of Demski Group’s design.

At the end of the day, it was in the contract.

The entire risk as to the quality and performance of the Project is with the Client.

This is telling me point blank, that it is at my risk that I expect quality from Demski Group Dev. And indeed, I risked and lost. I sincerely hope anyone reading this understands exactly what they should expect to receive should they give Andrew Demski money.

67 thoughts on “A $4600 Website by the Demski Group & Andrew Demski.

  1. Emil says:

    Well … their website is built on what looks to be a standard template bought from a template store online … so …

    Sorry to hear about your issues. I do this for a living and while I wouldn’t say I’m great at it … even someone like me could have done a lot better.

    My advice … never pay in advance. In fact … this is one of the very few instances where I’ve heard of someone paying in advance for a website. Maybe it’s specific to the US – maybe you just do business differently there, but personally I’ve never even considered getting advance payment before I even have an initial draft.

    You get a brief, provide a draft for a specific page and maybe at that point you ask for a 15-30% advance.

    Pay a small advance, sure … but only AFTER you see a design, a result.

  2. Wow, I only dabble in web design when I want to make a change to my own site, it’s just 2-3 pages with just text and links and even my bash at trying to format things by putting tables in tables (because how do I formatting?) looks better than that!

  3. Dohn Joe says:

    That part with the margins…..yeah, whoever was “developing” this site was just using a code generator and ONLY checking how it looked on their phone. Looks good…..heeeeryagow!

  4. Tom says:

    Good Lord! I would not write anything that bad, even if I was in a coma 🙂 The fact that their own website is written with WORDPRESS is the end all. Noone that knows code would EVER use WordPress!!!! They may look cool and modern, but none of them have any ‘Personality’. Why is anyone talking about sites in the thousands of dollars range?? The most I ever charged was $900, and the gentleman fired the 4 programmers he had on staff that were keeping his site updated, after I finished. It was hilarious, they had thousands of hard-coded pages to update. I turned it all into a massive database that could be updated by 1 person. I also added the ability for their customers to do simple updates to their own listings themselves. He added 5000 shares of his company, as a bonus. And, No, I do not need any more clients 🙂

  5. Metodi says:

    You had your whole process completely messed up. I may not live in the USA, but I know how we do business in Europe. I don’t know if that’s how usually things go in the states or just that one guy has no work ethics but here’s brief summary of how I expect the whole webdesign process to go on, I’ve already went through it a few times:
    1. Decide on a possible web dev and schedule real-life or online meeting with them.
    2. Explain what I want, provide some basic details about our business and listen what they can offer.
    3. Once I’m certain they understand what I need, we’d agree they’d do one or two sample demo pages. This doesn’t require a lot of time, it can be all done on Photoshop, no real web server or anything just couple of images, and they wouldn’t charge me for it.
    4. When I’m certain they have the necessary skills in design and they got the idea (or if their own idea is better than mine) we’d sign contract.
    5. I may not sign if they want half the amount in advance, that’s simply too much and makes everything hard, but may agree that half the fee is payed somewhere half-way through the process when we’re certain they’ve put effort in the project and want to get it done at the end.
    6. We’d agree on a fixed date they would present the new design.
    7. Corrections and adjustments may happen anytime during that time and even after the website has been fully designed.

    We never had any real issues and we never switched devs in the midst. Slow-downs and other small issues might be expected, but as I said, before hiring that particular team we already know we can talk everything through with them.

  6. Alfonso C. Betancort says:

    Every body here knows about web design but most seem not to know about what is underneath the hood.

    Creating an enterprise grade web site, takes more than WordPress, Drupal or any othe platform.

    You need to know the pros and cons of each solution from speed to security. An to know that one needs to know more than design, you need to know computer science to put up an efficient and secure stack (from the so up) that will not fail deliver.

    The experts in UIX design the proper experience for the user and the navegability of the web, whicn the graphic designers do pixel perfect renderizations of the UI that goes back to the UIX designer for further improvements. After the final UI desing is done, it goes to the SEO and inbound marketing specialists that input what ever is necessary for organic growth and then the design phase is closed.

    The resulting website goes back to the computer science guy to optimize both the stack and the so called “code, written by de designers using the services he made available to them in the first place, so the website is properly documented and its files are properly and optimally pre-compressed and new files get compressed before travellig the Internet.

    Only them hew will put the site up in beta for A/B testing to see what really works and what doesn’t and then goes back to the UIX designers to change what does not work cycle it again do some more A/B beta testing to refine the work.

    But only when quality control approves the site. It’s then delivered to the client with the recommendatinons on what are the requisites for hosting given the stack and the loads experienced during beta testing.

    It may also include recommended host or clouds to \run it without having any affiliation with them (not receiving money or perks from the recommended sites.

    That is how you develop an enterprise website and t takes time and resources.

  7. Syntos says:

    I just checked their site and looked at their portfolio.

    theziplineapp – Built using the wix website builder
    Zoomifi – Appears to be a theme stolen from another group called HNB Designs. Didn’t bother to verify if this was their actual work or just stolen as well
    Efhuttonmobile – a WordPress Theme called twentytwenty by zurb
    ScheduleIt – made with HubSpot Template Builder
    ZoeFit – Just a bootstrap theme (using bootstrap is fine) using a Carosel All In One page and the Wave Theme by Mixdesigns
    Quealth – Built using the wix website builder
    Running Trainer – Made by omega-r
    Edlync – Botostrap with the Owl Carosel Theme on the Carosel page
    gocurb – made by unbounce

    So basically this guy didn’t make anything. Some of this stuff is fine if you’re charging a few hundred dollars and the client knows (Hey I’m going to take bootstrap and custom this theme). For 4,000 the designer needs to know how to do most of this themselves. You can tell from the screenshots they are in way over their head.

    Also hahahahaha….

    Some of their clients include – PNC Bank, Bank of America, AirBnB, HP Enterprise, Ingenico, Verifone, O’Neal, EFHutton

    That’s all 100% bullshit. None of those companies would use this guy. In fact I worked briefly at AirBnB and can guarentee you with 100% accuracy that ALL of AirBnB is done in-house.

    Their own website is just a theme made by Qode or someone else.

  8. As a fellow web designer and developer, I feel ashamed for what he have done. The thing he have done is clearly unacceptable and they shouldn’t be doing that kind of work since as a fellow developer and designer it may not be an easy task but still we should not give a shameful finished product to our clients. And the price is so expensive, I’m a designer and developer as I’ve said and I charge way more cheap than them.

  9. Revolist says:

    I feel your pain. I would NEVER show a website like that to a client!!

  10. Supreme Sys says:

    I am a web designer and developer. i can create a attractive website in a less price as compare to this.

    1. Hans says:

      I doubt that. You cant even make a proper sentence without spelling mistakes.
      Websites like these, need the 100% garantuee.

      And this dickhead calling themselves webdesigners (Demski group) is just a scamming douchebag, and should be treated as such.

      I mean I made a wordpress website (theme higly modified) and couldnt ask more thatn 100 bucks for it. Cus i DO have a heart. Unlike those scamming Demski losers.

      1. Hans says:

        Oh fail, and then i make spelling errors. hahaha.
        Well at least on my websites i can go back and correct them.

  11. Bent H. Andersen says:

    Cringe, I could do a better website, and my knowledge of html programming is old school…..

    Brb, gonna throw up.

    1. wabenhouser says:

      I can do what he did in a txt editor in under a week and my html 2 skills suck

  12. LastCedric says:

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  13. Deon D says:

    I have found the image of the earth on their web site”https://demskigroupdev.com/” at “http://www.vectortemplates.com/imgtemplate.php?iid=60” they used a free icon.

  14. Antarix says:

    Hey Louis,
    Next time before making the first installment, ask the contractor to copy the 3 primary pages of your site without giving them access to your servers. If they manage a 1:1 replication, it is a damn good sign of good things to come. Should the firm be able to do this in one week or less, you have struck gold. In that case, start serious discussions and offer actual money. Otherwise, pay them a nominal Starbucks for their efforts and see them off.
    Hope you like the suggestion.

    1. Callum says:

      I would never do that for someone for a few reasons,
      1. I’m not getting paid for that work,
      2. It doesn’t show talent, its literally a 10 second job to clone an entire website
      3. If doesn’t show the client and design or coding skills.

      1. 新幹線 says:

        1. it clearly says you would be payed a small amount.
        2. he means starting from scratch and cloning the site, not hitting F12 and copypaste, voila.

        1. Dan says:

          > he means starting from scratch and cloning the site

          No, he said “copy the 3 primary pages”.

  15. Michael O says:

    IMO you have no hope of creating a modern web site from scratch without hiring someone, or just using squarespace. Sure the second option may hurt your pride, but you can create a modern site with proper SEO, mobile support, and consistent SSL polices with it for cheap. That said if you want to spend your time doing what makes you money, you drop 10k on a professional dev group with plenty of examples and references to back then and then expect it to take at least 3 months. After that you may as well negotiate a maintenance contract to for them to keep the site fresh on the backend and to amend things here and there as your business develops.

    What was done here was a half measure. I agree with you that the end product was shit, but based on the price and the time line it’s not surprising. That said I hope you get your money back. I also am pretty sure I don’t have to tell you to not take up anyone offering thier service for free. In business if what you do with your partners is not mutually beneficial, someone is going to eventually fail to produce results in the relationship.

    Best of luck! IMO you are sharp enough to just use squarespace and call it a day, at least for a few more years.

  16. Ice_fly says:

    I suggest a $300 bounty for the best website someone can make for you.

  17. Slark says:

    Surprised you didn’t smell a big fat NY sewer rat when you looked at ‘demski group’ own website. Either this guy is an outright fraud – which his double-dipping into the crowdfunding troth might suggest – or he pawns off the work to some 3rd world lowest bidder contractor and keep the significant difference for himself. Or possibly he is delusional with regards to his own competence, which is possible.

    I’m in the dev business myself (mainly backend APIs and systems architecture, you know, proper manly programming, not that girlie frontend stuff!), and there is the fair bit of charlatans and incompetents floating about. We do contract out various aspects of our workload – and the first thing we look for is references. And second we have a proper chat to gauge the level of competence – ideally with a show and tell of previous projects. Where the bottlenecks were, what tech was used and so on. Easily done over a few cups of overpriced latte. Or beer, if late in the day.

    It’s a bit like hiring a caterer. You taste a few samples before signing anything for the big event.

    Anyhow, glad you won through getting your money back. Keep up the good work!

    1. TechyBen says:

      I agree here. I’ve never trusted “web design”. You are either a graphic designer (it’s NOT girly 😉 ). Or a coder.
      The only thing to take note of, is the limitations of the code. So the design side (layout etc) gets passed to the coders.

      You want to see working examples and a LOT of previous work.

  18. intraxit says:

    Haha louis wants a state of the art website for $4600,- incl. data conversion of existing site… this is not possible.
    Expect to pay for good quality cms site incl. e-commerce and great design!
    This comment from professional webdesigner…
    Lesson to learn: if you pay peanuts you will get monkeys !

    1. You can’t even communicate accurately in English, you have no idea what you’re talking about. $4,300 is a significant price point for DECENT and QUALITY work of this caliber. It’s not multi-billion dollar corporation good…. But should be enough for at leasta basically user friendly and attractive site from a knowledgeable developer. This hack job wasn’t even worth the cost of a free sandwich.

  19. As a developer myself, I can say that that site looks like a work of a beginner (and not even a good one), not a professional.
    Smells like someone just put your company logo on a (crappy) free template.
    4600$ for this is a grand ripoff.

    And seriously, if you gave this guy your FTP login details, do change your password.

  20. YongQing says:

    Dude just use wix or squarespace

  21. Abturos _ says:

    omfg, you know you have a good site when it uses the old google logo when registering

    1. Tyler F says:

      Using tables for structure, CSS for text details and php/SQL for functionality I almost never have discrepancies between platforms. My cross browser testing generally takes 10 minutes.

      I don’t use WordPress or any thing like that.

      I use notepad.

      His website submitted looks worse then what I normally have within 24 hours.

      1. Dan says:

        > Using tables for structures

        I’ve seen websites using divs for tabular content.

  22. Paul Daniels (The Fake one ;-) says:

    If it was to consolidate all the RossmanGroup pages to one design I would suggest that the price was a little on the cheap side.

    The results however looks like a classic wordpress designer. They have no idea, and expect to build everything with plugins. They layout looked very wordpressy. I fear the guy was simply out of his depth, and probably has never taken on a job of this type before.

    I do like Lewis’s main pages. The look and feel of course gets disjointed when you jump from the main page to e commerce and then the forums. Getting these consistent would never be a trivial affair, as the developer would need to be across customization of all the platforms. Which isn’t easy at the best of times. Each package has its own limitations towards layouts and theming.

    Sorry Lewis, but anyone saying its going to be easy is fibbing. If on the other hand you were only focusing on one segment of you site,…. well that is another story.

  23. Jovan says:

    That’s not a 4600$ site design. That’s not even a 15$ template.
    Louis, you gave this Demski guy access to your current site and hosting account?
    After this ordeal, i highly suspect that he has already, or is going to, in very near future, use this access to backdoor and hack your site.

    1. John Gros says:

      McAfee’s Warning of Demskigroup’s own website:

      Trouble ahead

      Are you sure you want to go there?

      https://demskigroupdev.com/ may try to steal your information.

      Why were you redirected to this page?

      When we visited this site, we found it may be designed to trick you into submitting your financial or personal information to online scammers. This is a serious security threat which could lead to identity theft, financial losses or unauthorized use of your personal information.

      Apart from the warning, their site appeared glossy and boastful – yet no secure connectivity – a no brainer for web design company to assure their customers.
      Like all good artists, fair web designers will work their asses off for a fair price – they can then use it as part of their portfolio for bigger better work later on.

      1. 新幹線 says:

        Fair enough, but can i please inform you that McAfee is complete junk and close to a virus itself, (All Products) for windows, windows 10 and 8.1 have defender/SE builtin, for Linux and mac its unnecessary, and for android/iOS its pointless. get it off your stuff ASAP! if you don’t believe me, just search youtube :). have a good one.

  24. Fam says:

    I agree he did a horrible job, but to all the newbies on here saying they can build a better website for x amount of money, no you really can’t. It’s not just HTML css javascript, it’s magento & php as well, and for that many pages, data integration, ecommerce even, I think the price that Andrew was asking was justified for sure. It just sucks that he did a horrible job in the design and communication aspects.

    1. Josh says:

      Magento isn’t even that hard to work with if you have a basic working knowledge of PHP. Any programmer worth anything could cobble together a Magento theme that is, more or less, exactly what the client is asking for in a few hours, even if they have little to know knowledge of Magento to start with.

  25. I am literally a freelance self taught developer who is still in college for programming and I could honestly make a site that looks better than that in 15 minutes… that is just sad.

  26. James says:

    Terrible site done by by a charlatan. Makes Wix look like a professionally made site builder and its already quite basic with huge limitations. Andrew Demski gives entrepreneurs a bad name and rep!

  27. Webdesign development business is so corrupt, I had a similar experience a few years back. More or less the same the same situation as you’re going through now. They couldn’t hold the deadline, shitty designs, and poor communication skills on their part, and had misinformed me about the SEO prices.

    The outcome was that I refused to pay the invoices, even gave them the courtesy of letting them know that I wouldn’t pay. And so it began for more than 2 years they would send me a reminder invoice with a late fee plus a fee that was inconsistent with the agreements, that I had on writing. And every time I would point it out to them, even call them to try and sort it out. I had a very reasonable dialog with them about the issue. And the person/s I talked with seemed to have sympathy for the problem. But none the less they failed to follow up, and I refused to remind them. So the conversations never got communicated through and taken care of.

    Somewhere after the 2 years had passed all communication with the company stopped, they had given up more or less and send the case to an attorney. I received several letters from their attorney over a period of ~1 year I put him through the same drill as I did to the web design company.

    All the communication between the company and I went through their lawyer, it almost seemed to be a win for me because it had been going on for close to 3 or 4 years (can’t remember). I would almost always come out on top, solely because they didn’t have anything organized internally, and most likely the people that worked on my project didn’t work there anymore(I guess).

    Unfortunately, as a sole proprietor, I did not stand a chance when their lawyer ended up taking the case to court, forcing me to take action. I simply didn’t have the time, money or energy to go through this. So I ended up cutting a deal to pay a reduced fee for their work.

    Had the deal not gone through, I would have taken the case to court. since their claim was if I remember correctly “$5000 for the website, storage and SEO optimization” plus another $4000 for shit I can’t remember.

    I ended up paying the $3000 and forgot all about it until now I guess.

    I wish you the best of luck with everything.

    – Kasper

    1. Alfonso C. Betancort says:

      You did wrong by settling out of court, the lawyers are not actual lawyers but companies that buy defaulted debt at pennies a dollar and try to force you to settle by filling the paperwork for a lawsuit with a paralegal, there are not actual layers behind… they hope to get your scared and settle before going to court where they would need to be represented by a real lawyer, that if it’s any good it’s legal fees would be higher than the quantity claimed, if it’s not good, you could represent yourself or hire an affordable lawyer that would have made them to withdraw the lawsuit or won the case and even get them to pay your legal expenses. And if the collecting firm or the original firm had any asset afterwards you could have counter sued for moral damage due to the continued harassing from both companies.

      1. LuiWallentin says:

        As a fellow Dane I can tell you, that settling is preferable in this case. Because you don’t get damages in the amounts you get under US law … if at all when you win a case like this. Especially because it’s for a relatively small amount of money. Plus all Danish companies that do this kind of debt collecting work is either run by lawyers or has at least a couple working for them. And these companies don’t buy the debt. They “only” makes sure that it’s paid.

  28. PS to my last comment:
    I can see that my website URL renders as hyperlink “under” my name.
    My website is: http://www.ajbisoft.pl
    If copy and paste is more convenient.
    Anyway I hope you will get your money back.

  29. Louis,
    There is a big difference between people not speaking English and not being English native.
    There is also a big cultural difference between people from Europe and people from Asia. I can see across your videos you put us all in one bag. Which is a shame…
    Look at my website (it’s in Polish – I run a local business, but content is not that important here). I made it in 2 days using WordPress and I’m not really into web design. I guess my website is a $150-$200 project (and no, I’m not offering you my services). It’s not perfect, but at least it looks like it’s from last decade 😉
    So maybe next time before you “buy American” again, see what’s out there. It’s the Internet after all and we should not be judged by our nationality.
    At least here.

  30. marrel_ says:

    Would anyone like to know, why their website actually looks half decent?
    Because they’ve just installed WordPress (a free content management system) and slapped a (probably also free) design onto it. 🙂

    Don’t belive me? See for yourself:

    1. Callum says:

      Using WordPress isn’t an issue, its a very versatile blogging platform, I think it gets overused a lot but its still a good platform.

      Looking at their page source it looks like they’re using a theme by http://www.qodethemes.com/

      which doesn’t look good for a web design company.

    2. Jason says:

      This is actually a pretty standard practice in the “Web design” business. A lot of websites start off as WordPress + some free theme heavily modified to reflect the users wishes. Either that or they purchase a design from Envato or something similar and modify that.

  31. Koen says:

    The the corny globe-icon logo of their company is already a red flag

  32. NoriCode says:

    I offered FREE magento site months ago (only small mention on footer) he didnt answer, probably too cautious so dont hold your hopes up

  33. Paul says:

    Louis are you still looking to redesign it? I can take on such a project now (I contacted you a while ago about this, but looking at timelines it would not be possible at the time because of timeline you requested)

    My comments:

    Yeah looks like a job from outsourced somewhere.

    Problems with this project:
    1) $4600 is low of a Magento store redesign + moving over content of another site(wordpress blog?) into Magento store.

    2) Time – 6 weeks is not enough to push something like this out. Back and forth on email just takes that much time. Should be about 8-10 weeks at least for a redesign.

    But, for this job this is definitely shit work. I’ve paid 500-900$ to designers who don’t know anything about webdev to design better websites than this. With designers you pay per page of design. So if you really wanted a custom page for everything – that is impossible to achieve on such budget.

    With CMS / Magento you just design the homepage, header, footer, normal cms page, contact page, about / faq, product page, checkout + cart pages. There is a lot more pages to design (customer back-end, search page, etc). So it’s a lot of work if its a full redesign.

    If you do a redesign again request wireframes(placement of elements) for major pages before beginning of coding / design and supply web dev with 5-10 examples of what you want to achieve (competitor’s websites). That is when you get project closer to what you actually want.

  34. Niko Hörkkö says:

    You people offering to do this for free doesn’t improve the market for web developers. That said, they took more than 2 months to make a crappy website while I’ve been making a website this past week and it’s nearly finished…

  35. Gabriel says:

    Louis!!! Don’t tell me you paid these people.
    This is clearly not performance, this is bullshit.

    If I had time to do the whole thing, I would create you a website FOR FREE just to show these morons what Web design is about. This is ridiculous 🙁



    1. NoriCode says:

      Yeah NEVER hire a lone freelancer that refers to himself as “Our company”

  36. cvele says:

    Their own website is a wrack 🙂

  37. Riccardo Paolo Bestetti says:

    They have a link on their website that points to this URL:

    nuff said

  38. vincent_g says:

    Why don’t you contact me and I will build you a site that’s uses today’s technology.

    From what you show this is not good at all.

    Your site is dated and has many problems with it’s design.
    For instance your site is not mobile friendly and has SSL ( secure site ) errors which is wrecking your SEO
    Page do not contain any meta tags – only a page title.
    There are other problems but I rather than look at what’s wrong with your current site lets make a site with none of those problems.

    But what this person you hired is showing from the images you gave – not good

    These are the things under the hood we pay close attention to.
    We also setup a development site that you can view as this is what any good designer should do.

    I left the electronics business and switched to programing and website design.
    I have seen your videos and know that working on those boards can be difficult at times.
    I have seen many so called repair guys that have mangled boards by not using proper tools to remove the chips.
    Your workmanship is good as I have seen in your videos.

  39. Brahim Khider says:

    – With all the due respect to your company, your website is so simple, and of course you’re using a Word Press template, and Word Press is a free CMS (Content management system) available on the internet for download, do some tweaks and the site is ready to go. Charging $4600 to change some CSS is pure evil !

    On a good day I would do it for free.

  40. Jeremy Perry says:

    I hate coding but I made a better site structure for putting and pulling data on a website to/from a MariaDB (replacing mysql in most linux distros). The site is to store inventory information for R2 Recycling Certification.

  41. Austin says:

    This is frustrating to read as legit clients with an actual realistic budget are hard to come by. Shame it being wasted on such incompetence. Next time def make sure they have a public portfolio you can browse. Preferably someone who’s an expert at custom, hand crafted WordPress child themes so you can have a the best of both worlds.

  42. Tommy Pohl says:


    This is not a result. This is bull****. Demski u are a disgrace of a dev.

  43. Ranvir Singh says:

    You know what! I will do it for free. Not out of gratitude or whatever (although your videos help me a lot), but because I need to know I can do a professional job. Seeing that you have little else to lose here, contact me if you are going to risk it a second time. (Total newbie, still probably better)

  44. Jonah B says:

    Wow, that just looks like a stinking pile of shit. Anyone with more than 4 weeks of experience can do better than that.
    And putting that sh*t in the contract just fucking screams rip-off.
    Fuck Demski

  45. Sean Talbot says:

    What a shame. My sites, SingularityStudios.com and Talbot.tech are about the extent of my design capabilities, but Frontpage could do better than the hot mess Demski left you with.

    I’ve had good results from designers on TopTal.com. You wind up paying a premium to them as a middle man, but they vet their people well. They allow you to hand-pick from a worldwide network of designers based on price range and your requirements.

    Going to be in NYC in 2 weeks meeting with some clients. (I’ve worked with a few clients based out of Brooklyn and Staten Island over the past few years.) Would be happy to meet with you and share my experience and advice.

  46. Aleš K. says:

    I work as a frontend developer and I can confirm that’s a ripoff.

  47. whoolkan says:

    my roommate just finished his web development studies this year and he can do far better work with half that pricetag.
    i’ve seen his websites and even if he is a fresh web dev, they look really good. it’s unbelievable what level of unprofessionalism you can get out of 4600$ of work.

    1. Tom says:

      I may not have any school learning, but I stated learning/writing code ‘before’ there was the ‘internet’ 🙂 I learned the 8 programming languages I know with BOOKS 🙂 You don’t need school, but you do need to have an absolute Love for code, and Notepad 🙂

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