Wireless mesh network setup

What is a wireless mesh network and how can it benefit my business network?

A wireless mesh network is a network that allows you to have one single network of wired and wireless devices across a large space, in a truly wireless environment. Only one device needs to be wired to an internet connection in the entire network!

Benefits are fast transfer speeds and excellent range, with a significant decrease in wiring costs!

Less wires means less money.

Wireless mesh networks distribute data wirelessly. Traditional access points require a wired connection to a device that connects to the internet, meaning CAT5 wire running all over your building. Wire costs money, as do people to install it, and installation often is not pretty.

Wireless mesh networks require that one node have a direct connection to the internet. After this node, every other node within range need simply be plugged into an electrical outlet. So long as nodes are spread out within range of one another, no individual node needs a wired connection to the internet! You can have a wired connection 1000 feet away from your final node to the internet, and have a network connection that is solid – all wirelessly.

What problems does this solve?

Let’s take a very basic example. In your home, as you get further away from your router, your signal weakens and your network becomes slower. A wireless mesh network is comprised of multiple devices that link to one another. If you are 200 feet away from your router, you will have a slow signal. A wireless mesh network may have four access points 50 feet from one another – so the signal hops from one AP to the next, all while they are within good signal range!

  • A wireless mesh network allows you to avoid running cable to every individual machine.
  • A wireless mesh network allows you to avoid many of the pitfalls of poor wifi range.
  • A wireless mesh network only requires one access point.

Free evaluation.

We are more than happy to discuss this technology with you and how it would benefit your business. We can do far more than simply set up your wireless mesh network. Tell us what you are using it for. Tell us what you wish could be better. You’ll find that from basic sharing setups to advanced server configurations that we’re able to help you with any of your problems.