Data Recovery Service NYC

We’ll recover your data without expensive outsourcing.

We can extract information from these types of media:

  • Laptop Hard Drives
  • Liquid damaged iPhones
  • Broken USB flash drives
  • SD & microSD cards
  • WD MyPassport
  • Desktop Hard Drives
  • External Hard Drives
  • USB Hard Drives
  • RAID configurations
  • SATA, IDE, SCSI, SAS, SSD Hard Drives

We can recover your data here without having to send your drive off to an expensive, third party facility.

Recovering a USB drive whose USB data circuitry has failed by converting it to Serial ATA

Recovering a USB drive whose USB data circuitry has failed by converting it to Serial ATA

With component level board repairs, we take pride in doing all work in house – no outsourcing. Data recovery is simply another type of component level repair. From the most complicated jobs, to the simple USB –> SATA conversion + decryption pictured above, this is what we’re good at. We logically solve problems the rest say must be outsourced to laboratories that charge $2500-$40,000 at a fraction of the price.

Watch a real data recovery below!

Our highly trained technicians have worked on some of the most complex cases with great success. If your hard drive or SDcard is no longer responsive, we’ll get your information back!

Top Reasons to Choose  Rossmann Repair Group 

  • Our CUSTOMERS LOVE US!<– Read the reviews.
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Free estimate.

What are the rates?

Giving a price without seeing the device, assessing its condition is impossible. Everyone feels better having some basic idea of what things may cost, so for a basic idea, see below. Do realize the + means price can go up!

Hard drives: $100 for basic recovery, $200-$250 for serious damage, $400-$900+ for anything requiring lab level tools(clean room/PC3000/conversion/decryption).

SDcards/microSD cards: $100-$150 for basic, $250+ for any physical or logical damage

Cellphones: $300-$400 for drop or liquid damage. $400+ for any damage inflicted by inept repair technicians(long screw) that is above and beyond terrible.

SSDs: $300+

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