Macbook Repair in Australia by Paul Daniels

Even if you spilled water on your Macbook in Australia, you still have options. 

Paul Daniels offers skilled Macbook repair in Australia and accepts mail-ins and walk-ins at his Macbook repair shop – click for more details.

Feel free to leave your machine with Paul Daniels for a free Macbook diagnostic in Australia We can explain what is wrong with the Macbook before you agree to any work, and before charging you. If there’s too many problems with your Macbook, you’re welcome to have it returned to you as is at no charge. Paul Daniels accepts mail-ins from all over Australia.

Spills can wreak havoc on the electronics that allow your Macbook to run – however, it is fixable in most cases. Apple will often charge $700 and up, but Paul Daniels can fix it for a fraction of the price.

Meet Paul Daniels below and watch him fix a Macbook!

When going to Paul Daniels, he fixes it – no outsourcing.

Not only does Paul do all his own component level repairs – he codes his own software. The very software that we use here at Rossmann Repair to view boardview files and show the multimeter on the screen in the video, was programmed by Paul Daniels himself.

Top Reasons to repair spill damage with Paul Daniels

  • Paul can perform component level logic board repair. 
  • Paul can fix the board without replacing it.
  • Paul warranties his work. 
  • He is in Australia – no need to send your machine internationally for service. 
  • He pronounces Aluminium with five syllables.
  • He pronounces the l in “solder.”

Problems we will fix on your spill damaged machine

  • Not turning on.
  • Freezing.
  • No light/image on the screen.
  • Not charging the battery.
  • Keys not working properly.
  • Trackpad not working properly.

Text or Email Paul at [email protected] in Australia

Free Estimate

SMS 0450 455 223 (AU)

Located in Charters Towers, North Queensland, servicing all of Australia and international locations.


Firewire worked perfectly with a crisp image on the screen after our repair – Paul Daniels can do this as well!

This board had no firewire and nothing on the screen.. surprising?

Shocked by Apple’s flat rate $750-$1250 pricing?
Here’s what it would cost with us

  • Keyboard – $175-$350 (depending on model) – sometimes your only issue is a LIQUID DAMAGED POWER BUTTON!!
  • Trackpad – $125-$350 (depending on model)
  • Logic board repair – $225-$425 (depending on model)
  • Logic board + keyboard + trackpad – $275-$500 (depending on model)

SMS Paul and let Paul know your problems: SMS 0450 455 223 (AU)
email Paul at [email protected]

Charters Towers, North Queensland