We’ve never offered a discount for a review, and they’re awesome anyway.

Funny thing about good service, there’s no “oh, please leave us a review!!” or “hey, we’ll give you TEN PERCENT OFF if you write a review RIGHT NOW!!!” nonsense. We don’t need it. We always saw that kinda thing as bottomfeeding, and there’s no shortage of it nowadays.

We believe strongly against rewarding positive reviews with discounts, and take pride in earning each review.

Many repair shops have found a way to cheat social media sources. They will offer a customer a direct discount if they leave a positive in store review, which creates a flurry of five star reviews of potentially three star businesses.

Check the ratio of reviews to filtered reviews on Yelp! before making your decision. More filtered reviews than real reviews means trouble.

You’ll note our ratio of reviews to filtered reviews is quite low, as a result of not bribing customers to leave an in-store review. None of our reviews were solicited by offering a customer a discount to leave a review! The only motivation these customers had was the service they received while here.

We do not cherry pick reviews and put them on the site next to a name that could be fake. Everything you see is the truth, and can be found on reputable review websites. We retain substantial positive feedback on repair jobs refurbishing modern portable devices.

We treat people right, and you’ll see that wherever you read about Rossmann Group.

The internet has made gathering information on local businesses much easier over the past few years. Social media helps cut through the crap of paid online advertising, commercials, and self-proclaimed excellence to get you the information you want – How does this business treat its customers? A shop can talk a big game on their website, but at the end of the day, social media tells you whether it’s true or whether it’s bunk. We welcome you to leave your own feedback, and to check ours. Like any retail store with 20-70 tickets per day, we get some loonies. What we stand by is a history and commitment to quality customer service and feel this is represented in our online reputation.

The best Google rating of any business in Macbook repair

The number of reviews as well as the number of ratings we have is head & shoulders above every company in our industry. Look for Macbook Repair on Google maps – there is no business that does what we do with the same combination of high ratings & high quantity of high ratings on Google business listings. We live & breathe making customers happy and believe it shows in our online reputation. 

More 5 star reviews, less 1 star reviews, and more ratings than any other company in our business on Google business listing!


Great service. Brought in my computer for a repair and the salesman took twenty minutes to explain why that repair was not necessarily a good idea and suggest alternatives. Really... read more

t0rden Avatar

Had a few phones fixed here and they were always pleasant and efficient. I have also had a case where they advised against a repair. Top marks.

Tom Schecker Avatar
Tom Schecker

AMAZING. I talked to a few other places before coming here. The final price I paid here was half of what I was quoted at the other place, insanely FAST... read more

Alexandria Jarvis Avatar
Alexandria Jarvis

Such great customer service and honest prices. I initially came in for a screen replacement on my laptop but they also brought to my attention that one of the small... read more

Jocelyn Reyes Avatar
Jocelyn Reyes

Very friendly. Took the time to figure out that my laptop was done for. Made reccomendations for a new one without trying to sell me anything. Didn't charge me a... read more

Cait Ratterman Avatar
Cait Ratterman

Was able to fix my laptop for 210$ apple store wanted 900$ and kept trying to sell me a new one. Thanks Luis, keep up the great work!

Sean Saxon Avatar
Sean Saxon

Got my logic board fixed by them, they're honest people. They didn't contact me in 3-5 days though, took 7 business days. I think they were just busy though. I'd... read more

Mr Shah Avatar
Mr Shah

Honest and genuine industry level service! Louis Rossmann holds a high passion for ensuring repairs for damaged/defective items are handled and fixed correctly the *first* time.With a YouTube channel providing... read more

Steven Breen Avatar
Steven Breen

Put a lot of time and effort in solving my iphone's speaker problem and fixed it! Staff was very courteous and price was reasonable given the work they put... read more

Alroy Lam Avatar
Alroy Lam

Came to pickup a replacement battery for a 2009 Macbook Pro after Apple refused to sell me one. The battery works great and was sold for cheap. Friendly service... read more

Brandon Ynocencio Avatar
Brandon Ynocencio

A company that stands up for consumer rights when the big industry players won't!

Ryan White Avatar
Ryan White

Not so good... 3 times I came back with my new screen with defaults... 3 new screens every time... So one Star for the staff who, for sure, do their... read more

Ludovic Debure Avatar
Ludovic Debure

Great place, check out his youtube videos. A real honest business!

Ian TM Avatar
Ian TM

I had a MacBook Air which was dead because of logic board failure, I took it to apple store only to realize that it would take minimum 500$ to repair... read more

Cha Run Avatar
Cha Run


Florian Panzer Avatar
Florian Panzer

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