MAIL-in repair

Mail-in repair instructions

I live far away and need you to fix something for me: how does this work?

Fill out the form, include your name & ticket number in the box, then send in your Macbook to the address provided at the top of the site. We will email you a ticket after you finish filling out the form(if you do not receive a ticket number in your email, check your spam folder or call us). We will provide you with an estimate after we’ve received it. You do not pay until the service is complete.

Before mailing something, please fill out the form.

Sometimes we receive devices with no note in the box, from people who have not filled out the form. We don’t know who sent them, or what they want fixed. Please click and fill out the form and include a small note in the box with your ticket number and name on it. This way, we can match up the machine we receive to your online intake form and swiftly process your repair. If sending a device for data recovery that is locked with a passcode, please provide the passcode so we can process your recovery.

So you’ll figure out what’s wrong for free?

Yes. If you’re a regular customer, we will provide you with a free estimate. The only fees you would incur would be paying to ship the laptop. We offer free estimates to all customers besides other repair shops.

If you are a repair company, receive an estimate, and opt to not receive a repair, there is a bench fee of $50. Unfortunately, other stores have been firing their own technicians and having us do all of their estimates rather than paying a staff. If you own a store or repair company of any kind, please kindly hire your own staff.

If you have tried to repair it yourself and failed in a manner that will make our tech’s life harder, contact us before sending it in as free estimate may not apply. We may still be able to help you.

How much is return shipping?

We offer free return shipping of your device, so we’ll send it back to you if you have service done. If you decline to have the device repaired, there is a $20-$30 return shipping fee for devices where we do not perform a repair. Free shipping is exclusively for devices which we do repair. For larger, heavier devices, an additional fee for shipping may apply, or we may send it back without insurance if the shipping for your device reaches over $20.

Where do I send my device to?

We accept mail-ins at our store location, but only after you’ve filled out the form. The address is as follows.

Rossmann Repair Group Inc

141 W. 27th St, Frnt 1
New York, NY, 10001

How long does a repair take?

This really depends on what you’re having done. Most screen repairs are done the same day. Same for keyboards, trackpads. Data recovery can be anywhere from one day to a month, motherboard repair can take anywhere from an hour to six weeks depending on the severity of the issue.

For your particular situation, feel free to email or call us to inquire about the turnaround time for your particular device.

What if I don’t want to find a box or figure out how to ship something? I want you to do it for me.

Oh, fine. How about if we send you a box you can use to ship your laptop: all custom made and including packing materials, *AND* include a shipping label for you? Will that seal the deal? Click here and we’ll get that done for you. All you’ll have to do is drop the thing off at a post office, schedule a USPS pickup, or give it to your postman. We’ll require a signature & insure the package to ensure it gets to us just fine, in a very durable box. This couldn’t be easier. Priority mail means 1-3 days to get to you & to us from almost anywhere in the country.

How much does a repair cost?

You can click around the site to find prices for various issues from Mac laptop repair to data recovery. If you have a specific issue not addressed here, feel free to call us, email, or live chat. Knowing the model number and year of your machine is helpful to give you a price.

We are now currently accepting new data recovery jobs again!

As of February 26th, 2021, we’re back to accepting data recovery jobs for hard drives, SSDs and SD cards! Rush is available for urgent cases as well. Call / email for more information.

How may I pay?

Mail-in repairs can be paid via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX, or a certified check/money order made out to Rossmann Repair Group Inc.

Are there issues you won’t service?

There are some devices we do not service due to lack of parts, age, & other reasons. Do feel free to call, email, or chat us to ensure that your issue is serviceable before sending it in.

We do not service logic boards and hard drives with prior work.

We do not work on boards or hard drives that have been already worked on. If sending in a board that has had prior work, please contact us first to see if an exception can be made in your case: same for hard drives. If you are a computer repair store, worked on it yourself prior to sending it here, destroyed it, and do not contact us in advance, we are not fixing it and will make fun of you live on camera.

We do not service 2011 Macbook Pros for GPU issues.

We service 2010 15″ machines with 330GT graphics for kernel panics, and 2012 retina machines with 650 nvidia graphics for kernel panicing/blank screen. However, we do not service 2011 Macbook Pros with AMD graphics with board 820-2915 or 820-2914. Please contact us if confused.

We do not accept board-only repairs.

We only work on devices when the full machine is sent – we do not work on board only repairs where the logic board is sent by itself.

We do not work on iMacs over the mail.

We have told several people over the phone that they should not send us iMacs because of potential for shipping damage. Unfortunately, they send us iMacs anyway, and they wind up damaged in shipping. To be clear, we take no responsibility for shipping damage on iMacs since our site says that we will not work on them if mailed to us. Please do not mail us iMacs: bring them in person or find someplace local.

We do not service devices that are contaminated with human or animal waste. 

We are not able to service any device that contains urine, excrement, or insects.

Is there anything else I need to know?

Yes: before you send a repair, don’t forget to fill out the form. 😉


Some people find their Apple box sentimental to them. If your box is sentimental in value to you for any reason – DO NOT SEND IT TO US! WE FLATTEN THESE AND PUT THEM OUT WITH BALE & GARBAGE COLLECTION NIGHTLY!

We are located in New York City, in a storefront. We have a total of 750 square feet, which six people utilize to repair dozens upon dozens of machines per day. We have shelving in place to house hundreds of machines, but not boxes.

All boxes received will be broken down, cut up, and disposed of the moment they are received, no exceptions. If you send us your device in its original box, such as the box Apple sells you the Macbook in – you will not receive it back.



International shipping restrictions, terms, and conditions

Firstly, if you live outside the United States: I would highly suggest you find a local repair shop! Dealing with customs and international shipping adds cost and time, and we cannot guarantee delivery times on international shipments. That being said, if you want to send something to us, outside the United States:

  1. We do not cover shipping, either way, whether or not we repair it.
  2. We do not cover shipping, even on warranty issues. return shipping, even on warranty issues, is the responsibility of the customer.
  3. If a device is lost in transit either way, we are not liable or accountable, on any shipments outside the United States.

These terms may seem harsh – and if you find them to be, I reiterate: if you live outside the United States: I would highly suggest you find a local repair shop! If you are outside the United States, we are NOT a good option, are not trying to convince you that we are, and suggest you look elsewhere before sending us a device under those terms. We have found that customs offices and international post offices are constantly losing packages and destroying parcels: and we simply do not wish to accept liability or the increased costs of these transactions.