Does Your Mouse Cursor Have A Mind Of Its Own?

You try to click and it doesn’t register a click. Maybe the cursor doesn’t move the way you want it to. This is a very common problem as the trackpad on your laptop sees more wear & tear than most other parts of your laptop. It is also at the front of the machine, so it is usually the first casualty of a liquid spill. A spilled drink goes right into the trackpad. Most trackpad malfunctions are from high humidity or liquid damage.

We Can Replace Your Trackpad And Fix Your Problem

Regardless of how the trackpad became damaged, we can replace it and repair your laptop. We stock most trackpads and can often replace them with same day service, without a parts order. We even do the Retina Macbook Pro trackpad replacements; many repair shops do not offer this repair without replacing the entire top case. Apple designed some of their laptops in a way where the trackpad is not replaceable, and replacing the top case is very expensive. We can replace the trackpad without replacing the entire top case, and save you a lot of money.


See below pricing for common Macbook trackpad replacements. If your model isn’t listed, it may be an older model. We can still repair those, but prices vary depending on part availability.

Top Reasons To Have Your Repairs Done By Us

  • We stock our parts, so that means that you save time.
  • Our pricing is fair.
  • We use grade A+ parts.
  • We can repair motherboard component level issues.

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