Why is my Seagate external hard drive beeping?

When the heads are stuck on the platters, the drive will beep. 

With smaller 2.5″ Seagate drives, the motor cannot spin if the heads/sliders are on the platter. When this happens, you will hear the drive beep.

This most often occurs due to a drop. It occurs more often in smaller 2.5″ drives, because the motor in 2.5″ drives is less powerful than the motor in 3.5″ drives: in a damaged 3.5″ drive, typically, the motor would spin the platter anyway.

Even when the heads are stuck on the platter and the drive is beeping, there is hope for successful data recovery: so long as the drive has not been opened. Attempts to unpark the heads by opening the drive if you are not skilled in data recovery, or hitting the drive to get them unstuck, often does damage to the heads or platters that is irreversible.

The difference between a more affordable data recovery and an $1100+ data recovery often lies in what was done to the drive after it started beeping.

We can recover data from Seagate drives that beep in our lab!

You typically have one chance to do this properly: we’ll show you how we do it. Many businesses outsource data recovery and act as a middleman: we don’t, and are comfortable sharing our processes with you. 

Steve, our data recovery expert, has saved countless Seagates with stuck heads: even the pesky Rosewood series. Your drive is in safe hands with us!

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Inspecting a 6 head stack from a donor drive before it goes into a recovery drive.