Water Damage – Macbook Liquid Damage Repair

You poured a glass of water, juice, or beer into your laptop. Don’t worry – it’s not done for yet!

Come to our store or mail your laptop to us for a free estimate.

Spill damage is often fixable at a more reasonable price than the Apple store, where you will hear quotes of $750 to $1250 to replace everything with a tier 4 repair. They aren’t interested in fixing the parts you already have. It’s easier for them to replace everything(and charge you accordingly). We repair the components on your board at component level, and pass the savings onto you.

We will give you an assessment of what is wrong and what would need to be fixed, at no charge! If the machine is too far damaged to be worth repairing you’re welcome to elect not to fix it.

As soon as you get liquid in your machine you should stop using it! Turning it on will just make it worse as this allows electricity to flow through shorted wet components causing it to look like the board in the picture. Even when the damage is this extensive we can repair it, but it is best to minimize damage so we have a higher likelihood of fixing your board in a reasonable timeframe.

When you come to Rossmann’s, WE fix it!

Most companies outsource component level motherboard repair because they don’t know how to do it. This causes long delays and unexpected surprises. The person you are talking to does not work for the company repairing your device. With Rossmann Group, the buck stops here. We repair your board in-house, and you only deal with us. Our company’s owner has helped instruct thousands of other repair technicians on how to perform these repairs via free YouTube content, guides, and forum posts.

Firewire worked perfectly with a crisp image on the screen after our repair!

Firewire worked perfectly with a crisp image on the screen after our repair!

This board had no firewire and nothing on the screen.. surprising?

This board had no firewire and nothing on the screen.. surprising?

At the time of photographing, that board was $750 part by itself, and we were able to repair it for $325. Logic board repairs for the most part are done here in our back office which gives us an edge over stores that must outsource all of these more complicated repairs. You can even watch how we do it with live videos of actual board repairs. We know our stuff.

Top Reasons to repair spill damage with Rossmann Repair Group 

  • We offer component level motherboard repair.
  • We repair what is broken without high cost motherboard replacement.
  • We ultrasonically clean liquid damaged boards, which is leaps & bounds ahead of the “alcohol & toothbrush” method.
  • We guarantee our work for ninety days!

Problems we will fix on your spill damaged machine

  • Not turning on.
  • Freezing.
  • No light/image on the screen.
  • Not charging the battery.
  • Keys not working properly.
  • Trackpad not working properly.

Shocked by Apple’s flat rate $750-$1250 pricing? Here’s what it would cost with us!

  • Keyboard – $175-$250 (depending on model) – sometimes your only issue is a LIQUID DAMAGED POWER BUTTON!!
  • Trackpad – $125-$250 (depending on model)
  • Logic board repair – $325-$425(depending on model
  • Logic board  + keyboard + trackpad – $375-$500(depending on model)

Call us during store hours: (347) 552-2258. 

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